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Teenagers are fucking dumb, anon, I don't know what you expected
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now in jpg
Obviously, neither of you have ever been lovesick. It can be quite acute, though it tends to pass quickly once its over.
It's like being cut vs having cancer. Both hurt, but one hurts a hell of a lot right the fuck now while the other builds slowly over time until it is unbearable.
Yes, and teenagers feel emotions much more strongly than children or adults. It's not really their fault.

What's up with this? Are we getting a reboot? Prequel? Pachinko? We're getting close to the tenth anniversary.
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>image is real
>it's from last year
I'd say it will be a small OVA prequel about Kamina and Simon.

No way in hell it will be a reboot since they already did the movies
it's literally pachinko

What was her endgame?
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my dick
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I am genuinely curious how she will react when Yui obtains boyfriend.
Reminder that Ui was forced to raise her retarded onee-chan because her retard parents are always traveling.

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So let me get this straight this fucking bitch thinks she can just grab someones phone and slam it on the ground and get away with it. Meanwhile this entire crowd around them was witness to this crime and did absolutely nothing. I've dropped this so hard the subterranean lizard people living deep in the earth are going to be watching it.
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Is this Fuuka OP?

If so, keep watching.

She'll get her comeuppance.
She pays for that crime, don't worry.
She gets heavenly retribution later.

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This is a Japanese dragon
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More like a Japanese kuso
I want a tailjob from her and nut all over those scales
Only because she forged her papers.

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To go from Hyoka to this, how low has Kyoani fallen?
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How far anon. Not how low
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>From Hibike to this. How does KyoAni keep getting away with this?
A-At least it looks good...
Best drawn Dragon if I ever seen one at least...

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Code Geass is a masterpiece.
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Superior Britannian genetics
>Lelouch is alive somehow
>Shirley couldn't even meet him in the afterlife


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ITT: 'Talk' like 'JoJo' characters.
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Why are you putting apostrophes around talk

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Continuing off from earlier this week, the daily interactions of a misunderstood delinquent girl and the artist she poses for.
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Re-posting the Jap raws for chapter 1.
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Nah, Rem was gonna be first wife but she gave her equally insecure boyfriend a way out. He chose the way out and has been regretting that decision since.
And now she's a potato.

Also, Summaryanon? I know you're procrastinating/busy, but I also know that you're lurking right now.
Not expecting the chapter 'til later tonight, but what are the odds that you could hook us up with a time estimate?
Not quite. Rem made that suggestion to butter him up, after he heavily implied he had feelings for her. He actually agreed to it before he was even willing to admit he loved her, and afterward he's pretty solidly decided he doesn't want to prioritize one girl over the other.

As of now, I doubt Subaru gives a damn about the wifeing order. Honestly, I don't think he's ever actually considered marrying Emilia, since the whole "wife" thing was only brought up with or by Rem. The language he uses with her when making his confession is also pretty close to a proposal, with all its "I wont let anyone else have you" and "I want you to be by my side for the rest of my life" kind of talk.

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the smuggest
Who are you quoting?

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The one on the far right looks slutty.
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shut up
you fockin wot m8
say it to my face I dare you
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For this very reason:
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I didn't even know people watched this

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New art was revealed for the upcoming theatrical film Blood Spray of Goemon. As you may already know it is a sequel to the Fujiko Series and Jigen's Gravestone. Koike returns to direct. It is also suppose to debut Black Jacket Lupin,

Now going by the new art, it looks like Blue Jacket is going to make a return (which I called already) so hope all you fags are happy. We got 2 Jackets in the new film. Here is the trailer and all other footage that has come out so far.

The film will released on February 4th in Japan.
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more new art.
File: CyGM2jQXAAAP8N1.jpg (44KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here is Black Jacket if you haven't already seen it.
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Hello /a/, Yamada thought she heard the sound of spoiling...
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>tfw no Aoi chan to spoil.
>tfw no show about Yamada instead of the shitty fucking Inami
Han Solo dies

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