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How beautiful is your seiyuufu?
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They all look the same.
Fuck these gooks they all look the same.

Post beautiful white girls like Christina Vee, Tara Platt, Marie Christine Cabanos, Mariel Kinuko
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Fucking gorgeous

Has there been any work where Kyoani has made a major alteration in the source material for their adaptations? By major alteration I mean the MC ending up with another girl or a main character that played a big role in the source not being present?
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Azusa shoots up the school in the latest volume of K-On College.
>MC ending up with another girl
Pretty much OP related. Asuka won the Kumikobowl.
Mirai was much less present in Kyoukai no Kanata's first novel.

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Animation has peaked with this girl.
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Agreed, that was probably one of the best renditions of bouncing breasts in anime. Animators don't put a lot of effort in such things.
snapped bras are unmatchable

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*record scratch*
yea that's me
you're probably wondering how i ended up with a dragon at my door...
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Go back to >>>/tv/.
Fresh prince remix WEHN?
/tv/ is allowed because this is a KinoAni show.

>tfw no anime girl to creep on
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>tfw no stupid anime girl to bully
>stare at breasts for five minutes
>Oh, this is my school uniform!
what the fuck is this anime, seriously

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Did you like it?
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I need to know wich episode is this ASAP, please tell me, anon
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I thought 112, but no, that's a completely different cooking gun.

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silly jojo pose re zero.jpg
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ITT: post Jojo references from other works. Starting with an obvious one.
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Daga kotowaru
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Thats a Rei
That's not a Rem, it's a Lalulelilo Lailaui Loplop
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This is such an underrated manga. Does /a/ like it?
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Weed field fight was dope.I like it.
I really like these kinds of dark survival horrors. Another favourite of mine is Jisatsutou/Suicide Island. Any others similar to those?
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So, /a/ tell me.
What do you think of edgy mangas?
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Better than round manga.
They're easier to shelve, for one thing.
It's okay when they are obviously mindless fun and guilty pleasures, like the one in your pic.

Things just keep scalating and no knows where it will end.
Nothing personal

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Episode soon boys.

Reminder that Aki is shit.
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Will Konosuba be AOTS again or do we have to worry about LWA?
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Anime is not a competition. Why would you worry about other shows being good?
Kill yourself.
There are at least three more shows this season which are better than Konosuba

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I honestly feel that judging a work of art, as an anime is, simply by its animation, lacks completely the taste and finesse expected from an anime fan. You need to discern the subtle and sweet elements that the creator has carefully laid out. The opposite is, as I see it, being extremely shallow and devoid of the awareness to appreciate the deep themes of an anime. Reflect upon yourselves
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If they don't care enough to make it look good, why shouldn't it be berated?

Before it's art, anime a commercial product.
It'd be dumb to judge an anime solely by its animation, indeed.
However to ignore it would be far dumber, it's an audio-visual medium, emphasis on VISUAL, if the visuals are awful then it has missed one of the key aspects of its medium. Why would i not just read the novels if i enjoyed the character and story if the animation is garbage?

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S3 when?
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When production staff stop falling asleep while working on it because it's such a fucking borefest.
There haven't been that many anime that have 3 seasons so I doubt that this show will. That being said I like Renge chan

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