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Is fansubbing dead?
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Although Bloatgirls was a case of nothing of value was lost
Yeah. crunchyroll probably killed it.
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When you go to a subgroup's site and find that they've retired because it's been too long and they've lost interest and moved on, this kind of shit makes me depressed.

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Post Ova Dio
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He's beautiful
Over where?
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Chinese whore Chidori was hot. I definitely would have poured that bottle of alcohol up her ass and drank out of it like a fountain.
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He's just seen some shit.
at first I was like FMP! > Fumoffu > FMP!:TSR
then I was like FMP! > FMP!:TSR > Fumoffu
Some of the drawings in Fumoffu are just goofy as fuck.
TSR needs to be rewatched to appreciate it's beauty since there's too much going on

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How long until she becomes the spicy new meme to replace hamsterposting?
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I want to cum inside an angel.
Satan is the spicy new meme.
Probably never, but it's for the best. I personally like Gab more than Umaru though.

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is mami still your favorite meguca /a/?
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Mami is my laifu, Mami is my waifu.
Patrician taste

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Why is this allowed?
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I know, that tuxedo is horrible.
It's not that bad.
Would be better if she took off the coat.

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Explain this to me in in 25 words or less.
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mememe with more vagina
girl needs the d, cats are weird, everything's a vagina, japs must breed!
girl going into puberty and discovering stuff.

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I just finished nichijou and I loved how easy it was to watch.
No drama, no fanservice, top quality animation, comfy as hell, lots of Japanese tradition and tropes that didn't feel hamfisted
What comfy anime were you late to /a/?
Whats getting you through the dark days of winter?
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If you haven't seen K-On it's the same kinda warm and easy to watch show
>enjoying forced comedy
Yeah, leave.
Flying Witch is comfy as fuck

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>definitive best girl in looks, personality, and compassion
>proceeds to lose in every turn to some mute bitch and a slutty manipulative freshman

Why is this allowed?
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She wins in the end though. As it stands she is the only girl who has had a successful ending with 8man in the material written by the author.

Yui is likely to win the main series. That mute bitch doesn't even like him.
Hello minorityfag.
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Yui is wish fulfillment

Every time I look at her I see the High School sweetheart I never had

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A better thread would be: old series' with a very high probability of a remake.
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If Mahojin Guru Guru is getting a new anime, you shouldn't give hope that quickly. The RPG hype hasn't died yet.
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post ur best OCs
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Grumpy Old Jii-san.png
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Before I start I want to preface this: I think that Prison School is a funny show. I laugh at it quite a bit. And the problems that I have with this, and awkward comedy in general, is purely my own. I have a weird relationship with this show. As stated earlier, I think this show is legitimately funny. So why do I hate it? A few reasons: 1. I hate to see main characters get beat up and belittled at every turn. I know they're not good people, but I end up feeling bad for them anyway. I hate seeing them get the shit kicked out of them as a joke. 2. Awkward comedy just feels too contrived to me. Contrivance on top of contrivance on top of contrivance in the name of comedy, that is admittedly funny, I just don't care for. 3. Why do characters do things that will obviously go wrong? Comedy, yes, but why? Even with my lack of knowledge on Ecchi, I still know pretty much everything is going to go wrong for these characters, and thus I end up cringing my ass off. Perhaps this seems stupid to you, and it probably is. These complaints only really seem to apply to me. Did you agree with this piece, or did you think it was absolute horseshit?
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why would you post this on /a/
To find people who potentially shared my viewpoint
This is the greatest ecchi made to this day, even above Golden Boy.

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remember to feed your anime every day! Some anime's prefer different kinds of food, so be sure to test and find out what kind of food your anime likes best!

This is my anime, she likes pizza a lot!
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do you guys know what food your anime likes best???
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I thought this would be a fun thread... Guess I was wrong, like always...
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>feed your anime
Literally what?

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>you will never be this comfortable
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But I do it all the time with my older sister's boobs.
But they're not Mai's
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>you will never be this
Why bother?

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What videogames would make decent anime/manga/LN material?
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Disgaea need a new season
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Also, I think The World Ends With You would be a great anime.


My penis agrees one hundred percent.
Chaos Rings.

That story was awesome

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