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27 year old here, I showed welcome to the nhk (first 2 eps) to my 20 year old friend (no homo)
and he didn't like it, and was suprised by Misaka's masturbation scene.
Question is, is there a sort of generation gap between anime watchers? He's more of an autist than me (russian chad but spend 120 hours playing vidya, so not actually chad in the social sense). I'm a regular /fit/ist fag.
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You're too old for watching cartoons, anon.
You're 27 and you don't know that different people have different opinions?
Holy shit kill yourself.
Fuck off.

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How does /a/ organize their anime?
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By name.
By dropped
I stream.

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Ran is best girl
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No one is neither best girl or best boy in that anime since they changed the designs and made them fucking ugly.
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>made them fucking ugly
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Shit OP, i mean the Opening song, dont get wrong.
Satan is with us

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fate's fat ass.jpg
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Alicia is better.
Used to be really cool.

Hell, that can be said for Nanoha in general. I can only hope Reflection fixes everything.

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Are you excited?
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Fuck off.
I just hope 2 PA works anime going at the same time doesn't make uchouten kazoku season 2 any worse.

Also anyone have any information of what studio EMT2 has done? I want Renai Boukun to be good.
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Rage of bahamut

and thats basically it

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>Ep 1: 1d 14h 47m
More disappointment soon.
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>implying it won't be AOTS
That's not saying much since this entire season is garbage.
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Shizuru is my waifu.

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So he's gonna kubo us with the real ending soon right?
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If by 'he' you mean Based Narita, and if by 'soon' you mean this Spring, then yes.
yes, with detailed pages focused on Rukia and Renji's honeymoon
If you mean Kubo using Aizen that it was all part of his illusion plan to move to a monthly? Sure.

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ITT: Duos
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Inb4 nina and dog
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it hasnt been invented yet
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For me, it's Steel Ball Run. The greatest shonen.

Hunter x Hunter is probably the best shonen besides FMA.

I was gonna say One Piece, but i regret.

Yeah, HxH is probably the most deeper shonen

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I have yet to be let down by a sports anime.

Ippo, Kuroko, Ping Pong, Free, One Outs, Volleyball, Prince of Tennis, like shit. Why do I love these so much? I'm not even into sports.

Ippo will never fight Miyata.
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>Prince of Tennis

> I'm not even into sports
We can tell. You're not into women, either.

What are you, a faggot?
I'm not the one enjoying Prince of Bishies.

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Show me girls who can participate in Keijo without problems
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All girls except the ones from Katawa Shoujo
Your mum

>oh it's a kemonomimi show
>wait what it's 3d
>rendered at 10fps with tons of aliasing/no post processing
>mouths not even animated when talking 90% of the time
>standard length episodes
Why is it all so wrong?
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Furry Friends
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I wanted to like this so bad, just cute animal eared girls doing cute things in the wilderness.

I knew it was based on a game but even my impossibly low expectations were dashed. It is unwatchable.
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>it was based on a game
now that explains everything

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Is it any good?
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it's pretty to look at, but not enough to waste your time with.
>it'll get better they said

No. I wish it was good
No, the characters are absolutely terrible written and the plot is nothing special

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Not even memeing when I ask; What did he mean by this?
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Pluck can be used as a noun, meaning "spirited and determined courage." but it's only been used like that twice, fucking ever.
>it's only been used like that twice, fucking ever.
Are you fucking serious? You've never heard someone get described as "plucky"?

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