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Is this true? I'm really disappointed.
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>live in germany
>unironically considering taking a daytrip to Strasbourg to watch it because I already know they will never show it here
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It's not too bad I suppose


The YOI killer has arrived.
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Anyone shirtless like B Project or Dream Festival?
Not yet
Did Dream Fes turn out any special or was it also another run of the mill boy group anime?
I watched too many of them last year so I dropped it early on.

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Room for two, please.
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>Hello, police
>I want to report a crime
we dont sell rooms here
Two what?

Is nakano the villain here?
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Yes. She was a insincere jackass that let her """"friend"""" get her heart broken
Nanako needs to be more open and honest. She can be consoling and empathetic and not give away her telepathy.
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Yes, Nanako is the killer that puts the people in the TVs after all.

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Is it me or there is a lack of ecchi anime lately?
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Bulma should sit on my face and do what she wants with me
well said anon, I too would like to partake in the destruction of my cock via bulma
After HxH and Testament, no new ecchi series interests me anymore

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Why Yuri on ice is so popular?
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Because the world has become gay
We need a purge
Because watching anime became cool and now fujoshits who used to be seen as degenerates became an even cooler people because mainstream media portrays faggots as the cool type long ago.
Yuri shall conquer the earth, that's why.

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>megumin can't move after using her EXPLOSION
>Gets raped/fucked
Literally every single megumin doujin ever, why are they doing this to my wife
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I fapped to your wife kid. And you're a pedo for waifuing a 13 year-old.

Megumin having concensual sex and casting EXPLOSION while orgasming to get double the kick would be uch better.
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It all make sense if you look at the demographic. Japan are scared of strong women and, in contrast, admires moeblobs. It's not for nothing. Moeblobs are submissive and weak just like Megumin after an explosion. Therefore, Japan clearly has a domination and raping fetish as a whole. It's part of their culture at this point.

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Am I only one who hasn't found anything interesting airing so far?
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Enjoy being alone in your thread.
That's a funny way of saying "I haven't watched LWA yet"
I havnt found anything interesting since last year

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Who's wheelchair-kun?
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Heavy Sekizan focus this episode. I'll focus less on the caps since the episode will be out shortly and post the most recent five chapters for anyone new in a few hours. Sounds OK?

I'd like to do this with the latest releases while the anime is airing, or should I make a different thread?
Dem feels the episode

He's Komori's colleage and old friend
All Out!! threads are so small, so as for me I don't think we need another thread

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>Character is unaware of specific circumstances
>Due to said lack of knowledge he does something that leads to a negative outcome
>Gets blamed for it despite there being no way he could've known about the consequences
>Also blames himself for good measure

This has to stop. I'm so tired of this. I was really looking forward to this manga, the art looks pretty good and the few pages I saw posted on /a/ made it seem like an interesting story.

But now I have to drop it because of this bullshit.
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Why does the Pokemon anime have to be so bad.
Why do they refuse to take Ash out of the MC position?

Unambiguously gay island adventures with Chicken-chan and Lillie and their cute pets would have been drastically better.
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Because they pander to children, not 30 year old virgins and yurifags browsing /a/. It isn't Pokemon without Ash and Pikachu.
I think you need a math lesson, anon.
Girls are cute, so they get a value of 1.
Boys are not cute, they get a value of 0.

Boy + girl = 1
Girl + girl =2

It's just basic math. Two girl MCs would be better.

I agree about Ash, but Chicken-chan is noncanon. Sun should be the one replacing Ash, not her.

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Can you bend your hand like this?
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Quite easily. Her palm is facing downwards you know.
Then her thumb is on the wrong side.
That's her pinky

Who's the best demi?
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Dullahan because she would want you holding her head while you fuck her neck hole.
Browse first.

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Will this be the year that Umaru gets a second season?
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Some new chapters would be better.
Meme magic is real
Already did. Just watch Gabriel Dropout.

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There seems to be several seasons and movies but I have no idea what order I'm supposed to watch them in.
Pic unrelated
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Season 1. Then there's a movie that cover the same events.
After that, watch Season 2, and there's another movie set after it, Aratanaru Tabidachi.
Then there's Season 3 and another movie, Fukkatsu-hen.

2199 is a reboot that covers the events of season 1, and it has two movies, one of which is just recaps so you can ignore it, and the other one that's set after the events, Hoshimeguru Hakobune, which also introduces some of the setting for the second season which will air sometime soon.
is 2199 a remake of season 1? is it better or worse? should I watch both? can I ignore the first movie?
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2199 is a remake, yes. Although it makes some changes, the general plot and characters remain mostly the same, and it has pretty great production values since it technically came out as movies that were later released on BD and even later adapted to TV.

If you're in doubt on whether you'll watch all of it, just watch 2199 and the 2199 movie afterwards. Decide whether you want to watch the original after that.

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