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acca thread
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Potential AOTS to be honest.
>Next episode is in days
Just fuck my lungs up already
I want tot know what happens next
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Did Hana Hook design these guys?

Ok, let's be real here...

If you had daughters that goddamn sexy, you'd molest them too.
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no argument there, friendo.
>If you had daughters or sons you'd molest them too.

there fix it for you.
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>If you had daughters
Of course, next you gonna say you go outside

I'm making a Yuyushiki thread because I want one.
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No homo things allowed
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Look at this cutie booty.

If she is a demon why does she have a full name that is a mix of both western and eastern names? All the other main girls have names that directly reference characters in judeo-chrstian mythology. Satania on the other hands seems to been named after Satan; like two people where where really into the mythology decided to name they're daughter after Satan.

Could Satania not actually be a full demon?
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In the manga she and her family live in hell. When she's in hell you see her demon horns and wings. Her parents are also as stupid as her.
Because foreigners are the devil duh
>Her parents are also as stupid as her.
You can't just tell us this and not post them

What is the best SOL anime and why is it Chuunibyou
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You need to watch more anime if you relly believe this.
Yeah desu I'm just looking for a suggestion. Hook me up homie
Chuunibyou is a romcom

I don't have a lot of experience with Anime in general, or the genre of romance, but I did like this movie. I know some people here found it to be underwhelming or inferior in comparision to similiar genre films, so what would those be? And why?

Regarding 'Your Name', it became somewhat unique later on before ending very stereotypical. It felt like the season finale of 'Friends'. But still, the plot was interesting. The characters forgettable. But it made me emotional anyways. I'm easily moved by that shit, so it worked nonetheless.
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It's enjoyable. The story isn't fantastic but the soundtrack and visuals are amazing.
faggots on /a/ don't like it because it's successful
You sure? They looked pretty standard to me
Nah. The background department shits on every TV anime in these last 3 years.

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Based on sales of Vol. 1

1. K-On! 53472
2. K-On!! 42433
3. GochiUsa?? 16030
4. GochiUsa? 12996
5. Hidamari Sketch 365 10026
6. Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb 9928
7. Hidamari Sketch 9361
8. KinMoza 7575
9. Hidamari Sketch 7388
10. NEW GAME! 7280
11. Hello!! KinMoza 6559
12. A Channel 6334
13. GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 5281
14. Yumekui Merry 4846
15. Hanayamata 4521
16. Sansha Sanyou 3089
17. Gakkou Gurashi 3088
18. Yuyushiki 2813
19. Sakura Trick 2555
20. Acchi Kocchi 2520
21. Joukamachi no Dandelion 2209
22. Koufuku Graffiti 1475
23. Anne Happy 1446
24. Kanamemo 1441
25. Wakaba Girl 1329
26. Kill Me Baby 686
27. Doujin Work 500
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GochiUsa is so generic it hurts.
Sorry for such a newfag question but whats kirara?
Moe shows?
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Being considered best girl by a minority
I'm from that minority anyway
Brain problems
one day the masses will see the light. One day

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He's gonna Kubo us with a real ending soon right?
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He already Kubo'd us by having another guy write the real ending as a novel.

Also, there's another coming out later this year.
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New translation, last part of Reports 4.
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>The drunkards, Rangiku, Yumichika and Kiyone, were persistent, only when they finished listening about the couples meeting up to the marriage proposal, information that they had inquisitively pried from them, did they finally set the pair free with a look of satisfaction.
And that is all that we'll ever be told about how Renji and Rukia went from dear friends to being engaged.

Matsubara is a troll.

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>Season 1: 12 episodes, 2 beach episodes
>Season 2: 24 episodes, 0 beach episodes

What did they mean by this?
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Beach episodes were going out of style by 2010 (and have basically been extinct since 2012).
S2 was 95% original material made up by KyoAni. That's why S2 is so much better than S1.
Azuwhore was too ugly to be at the beach.

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What do we think of Shinji?
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Best Girl
Self-insert for losers
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Shinji a cute!

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ITT: Wasted potential
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what was it OP? You posted something that rewrote the meaning of the word.
What are you talking about? It turned out to be an absolutely incredible experience.
One of the biggest, most disappointing examples of wasted potential in anime is Eden of the East.
All Anime is wasted potential we've been over this.

I just finished this, was the anime faithful to the manga? If it is I want to pick up where the anime ended
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Yes. There's some filler, but it was otherwise a good adaptation. Just continue from the end of the Kyoto arc, which was around chapter 120 I think.
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If yuki onna doesn't win we riot

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Who is your favorite idol?
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No Nanyako?
I'll add Locodol later. First I need to think of a more efficient way to calculate each tile size for the grid.

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Nibutani Shinka is the toughest kid in her school.

Like if delinquents from other schools decide to harass the students, she would be the only one who could step up and fend them off. If I took her out then I could pretty much be the king of the entire school, none of the other students can do shit to me.

How did KyoAni get away with making such a faggy school?
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what is it about her thats so dominating? i want her to be my mother
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Shinka isn't violent.
Why do you all want such a mild-mannered pure maiden to beat you up so much?
I want to be Shinka herself

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