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Can someone tell me how some people have a problem deducing the order in which to watch Evangelion? I mean really, one is called "Neon Genesis Evangelion", the other is "THE END of Evangelion" and now we have "REBUILD of Evangelion". How do you fuck his shit up?

Not to mention if you really find the it confusing whether rebuilding would come after building then there's wiki which attaches clear dates to the whole thing. If you're over the age of 7 than numbers ranging from 1995 to 2012 really shouldn't be that big of a problem.
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It's mostly retards that wonder about wheter to skip episodes 25 and 26 because some fags have shit taste and say they are bad.
Other think that it looks old so you should watch the Rebuilds, which is even more retarded.
Is this bait? Release order like always.

Can you read?

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Naruto animator giving a preview for the Naruto and Hinata wedding
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why wont they give it a rest already?

is naruto going to be like bleach having narita write a novel based on this too?

capitalizing on teen drama "romance"... jesus...
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naruhina animator.jpg
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can't fucking wait

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I love anime
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I hate anime
Then you're in the wrong place.
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Wow rude

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What the hell was his problem?
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What the hell is YOUR problem?
Girls are icky
It was the moon's influence

It's been almost 5 months.
were you dissapointed too, /a/?
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Greninjash rage.png
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I'm still mad.
I will always be mad.
on my deathbed, I will still be mad.
when the seas heat up the world descends into global catastrophe I will still be fucking mad.
In the afterlife, when I get to the gates of Heaven, St. Peter and his angels will ask me "Are you still mad about Ash losing to Alan?" and my answer will be "Yes".
When the race of man is no more and the ruins of Man's cities have crumbled into dust, I will still be mad.
Ancient Alien civilizations will find the smoldering, volcanic corpse of the planet Earth and decode the secrets of our ancient "Internet", and they will find this post and so my eternal anger will be brought forth into the far-flung reaches of space.
When the last tiny flash of heat in the universe dies and all descends into entropy, my hatred will remain.

I'm still so fucking mad I took the time to write this stupid fucking post, and it still doesn't make me even the slightest bit LESS mad.

I fucking hate you TV Tokyo
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Didn't a producer, or something like that, said the Ash will not win the Pokemon League because if he did the anime will end?

New Chapter is up
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>general in a suit

Poor braveman, he is the only sane person.
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I am disappointed that we will never see this tribute to Raita nipples again.
>New addition to the hero side

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Come and get it!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM_Q-G_CZ74
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Really makes you think
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really makes you depressed
If it made me think I would still be here 5 years later.

At least I have a job though.
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Same here anon.

Being a neet for 6 years now

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Does anybody even remember this series?
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No anon only you.
It has a few wacky moments but getting through the episodes was a chore
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Who doesn't?

Kinda wish for more episodes.

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what does her doll symbolize
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Mt dick
A cat
Penis in the vagina

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Why aren't you watching the most stylish show of this season?
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>implying I'm not
I have no idea what to expect, but so far I'm intrigued.
This show gave me cancer. At least it has the best OP this season.
That's not LWA.

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Will she be best girl of 2017?
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she is not a new character in 2017 so no
Yeah, but too bad her S2 looks like crap. Thanks, DEEN.
How many time will she betrays him this time? She already did it once just in the 1st episode.

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What's Mugi dreaming about?
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Why isn't there a thread of this? Shy tomboys are my favorite.
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reddit's favourite manga after jojo
I though that was OPM? Or SNK?
I'm reading it for the first time, on page 180.

Misu gets posted in reaction images an awful lot here.

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Kyon-kun, denwa!
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Why does she sit like?
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Maybe her butt hurts
From what?

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