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Who is this show's target demographic?
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Some fucked up people.
Damaged goods.

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>has huge boobs
>unfailingly wears attention-grabbing tight shirts and never, ever wears modest loose ones

I don't get it...
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himeji a shit

You're a shit. Himeji is like second or third place, can never quite make up my mind.

It's like she was designed for a certain demographic

Have you ever felt bad about sexualizing someone?
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Not one bit
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Why would I?
He was made to be sexualized

AOTY: Handshakers

God tier:
Detective Conan

Intrigued tier: ACCA

Great tier:
Kuzu no Honkai
Maid Dragon
One Room > Seiren
Ai-Mai-Mi - Surgical Friends
Nyanko Days
Gabriel Dropout

Touhu tier:
Urara Meirochou

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Idol Jihen

Meh tier:
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Youji Senki
Piace - Watashi no Italian

Shit tier:

Abominable tier:
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>rating shows when most of them haven't aired more than one episode
kill yourself, newfag
but since you wanted me to rate, here you go
faggot tier: OP
found a newfag
Reminder to report and hide daily shitpost spam.

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best amagami.jpg
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Have you ever seen true love in anime or manga? Don't be confused by that "pure love" stuff that never goes anywhere. Where you can tell both sides actually care about each other.
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Itazura na Kiss.jpg
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Only once.
>Don't be confused by that "pure love" stuff that never goes anywhere. Where you can tell both sides actually care about each other.
Give examples of both "pure love" and "true love".

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Go to Season 2 Episode 5 fast forward to the Performance. Mute the music, and play Mikazuki No Mai (National Competition Bronze Ver.) / Kitauji High School Concert Band in a different player.

There you go Nationals Performance
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Is it really a different version from S1ep13 and S2ep5?

I would rather this instead.
It is. It is the better of the 3

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was a rolling stone

now make like Stirling Moss with that Eva.
it's DADDY, YOU SHITHEAD! Where's Adam?
>adam is liliths bitch

Why does Hotaru invoke such animalistic mating desires?
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>tumblr gif
Lurk for 2 years before posting.
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>sankaku filename


r u?
looks like a gif from the booru's

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2016 JAPAN No.1 Anime
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nippon banzai!
I didn't even know this got anime.
Historical dramas are award baits. It won because of that not because it's good.

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It's been five years since anime reached its peak. A peak that shall never be surpassed.

This truly was the perfect anime.
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>love live was four years ago
>nico is now old enough to drink in the US
Was orange gay for blonde?
Rinko best girl. She deserves a better friend to replace that slut called Yuka.

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Do I need to watch Occultic;Nine before I watch this?
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kek, the fuck are you talking about
No, but it's not worth watching if you haven't read the VN.
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No but O;9 is dope so you definitely should watch it.

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To Love-ru Universe next
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He'll choose earth girl, Earth explodes, no sequel.

>chooses earth girl
>Momo launches a war against Earth commanding an army of Devilukean Panty Valkyries to steal Rito
>To Love Ru Krieg

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Please Japan stop this already. I literally am going to enjoy this series 50% less now that I know the character isn't what it looks or sounds like.
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Also I spoiled the series for myself because I looked online to see if it was actually a boy but in the characters profile it said that they did something that I wasn't supposed to know about. I feel like I've deeply hurt my chances of enjoying this series as much as I could have already. Please help me.
Trips confirm.

I'm not even against boys or anything but I just don't like feeling like I've been tricked.
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If it helps, OP, just think of Nagisa as a gender-confused girl.

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He tried to kill like three people on live television. Shouldn't they have put him in prison or something?
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That occasional goofiness is part of Yu-Gi-Oh's charm.
He's rich and has good lawyers
"Screw the rules, I have money"

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.
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