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I'm going to marry Nasu Suketaka Yoichi!
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I'd tell you that fags can't marry, but unfortunately that's a thing of the past
>Implying you wouldn't marry him?

What are you some kind of faggot?

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New Flying Witch chapter is out: http://bato.to/reader#9f2d1b89d4aa3afc
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>it's only girls

Does Kei not have a penis?

No, he's furniture so he doesn't count.

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How does Araki's older style hold up compared to his newer one? Which characters are better in it, and which are worse? Which art-period is your personal favorite?
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Araki isn't really good at drawing distant faces.

The only downgrades are Jolyne and Doppio there though.
Why can't he draw Jotaro the same? Just make him slightly bigger, it shouldn't be that hard.
1 and 2 were a mess of "Make something that looks like Fist of the North Star!" altho at 3 it developed an identity other than Gorillas with physically impossible proportions.

Mid 4 was golden but as his style became less about detailed faces it suffered harsh. Late 5 and most of 6 look terrible.
I have no idea what the fuck happened then because 7 is absolutely gorgeous.
Highly detailed faces and environments, great stand designs (for the most part) and even distant Huamans didn't look as bad as before.

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Would you?
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Screws belong in >>>/diy/.
I kek'd my ass off.
Thought it was a guy

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especially for petty reasons, such as "edgy" or "2deep4u"
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>majority of /a/ tried to talk you out of watching Kino
Did you come from a bizarro world?
Last two Eva episodes. Never listen to the internet. They are always wrong.
Literally kino

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Why don't more anime studios use water colour? This show's stills and backdrops were beautiful.
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>Why don't more anime studios use water colour?
Because anime has currently moved away from being a series of stills and wants to be mostly "animated", ie one moving character in front of a largely immobile background.
Outlines have become rather sharp as per current fashion, and things are likely to continue becoming sharper as computers take over more and more of the work load.

Water colors have only a very limited area of application.
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It has been shown to be used in practical applications as artistic flairs. It's comfy as fuck.
I don't disagree. I'm merely pointing out that it's not the direction that technology and overall style are developing.

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Would you watch 12 episodes of cute and stupid anime girls hurting each other (and themselves) in cute and stupid ways? I know I sure as hell would.
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Oh yeah, I really want to watch a cute anime girl eat a pube sandwich.
No, because I don't want to see any harm come to cute anime girls.
Cirno is the strongest, so she wouldn't be the one getting hurt.

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>be pirate
>never rob anyone, ever

shouldn't they be explorer instead?
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>>never rob anyone
You need to pay a modicum of attention.
Being a pirate is raising a jolly roger and declaring yourself free from the law.
Luffy literally held a guy hostage in like chapter 2 and he constantly beats people up, even innocent ones.

Also I'm pretty sure they took stuff for themselves throughout the story

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rip in peace
Give her back please

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>MC is weaker than the antagonist
>goes through training
>still weaker
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>MC is weaker than the main girl
>>still weaker
But did he defeat the antagonist before he died?
Did he kiss the girl?
Did he pass on the baton through his last stand to the next generation?
the girl gets raped and killed.
the next generation became the modern european so you tell me.

What's the appeal of this anime?
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Left, middle and right.
Nip girls who wanted to go to Hogwarts.

You have no idea how many of them there are.

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Every show that I don't like.
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>there are people on /a/ right now who disagree

you have 5 minutes to kys
I bet your like super too aren't you?
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Saiyan saga was the best though.
Gotenks is giant shit stain on the Buu Saga though.
Buu saga is the shittiest. Toriyama threw a tantrum and wrote the stupidest shit he could think of because he wasn't allowed to end Dragon Ball after the Cell saga.

The funny thing is that people ate that shit right up

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Anyone is reading this? I just found it and i can't stop laughing, it's hilarious and there is no drama at all.
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I am, it's amazing. So much better than I thought it would be.
Every chapter is a fucking treasure. Comedy done right.
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Needs more diving

The unthinkable just happened.
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The end.
So it's the end of the manga, right, since the prison is now gone.
A shame it ends with such a shitty arc.

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