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Best helicopter
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>best helicopter
>best girl
Is there anything she can't be?
was she literally autistic?
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Best girls are always autistic.

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This is a Japanese university student.

Say something nice to her.
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I want to hold Nenechi down and rape her till she cries
Yo cutie!
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hurting the loli

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Who was the best Naruto villain and why was it Orochimaru?
>Got away with literally everything?
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I want to kiss him.
Truly the greatest thing to crawl out of this goddamn series.
Eh, Pain was better.

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Great tier:
Good tier:
Ok tier:
Youjo Senki
Shit tier
Chink shit
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godlike taste.png
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Great tier:

Alright tier:

Watching it for the animation tier:

Might check it out because /a/ can't shut up about it tier:
Maid dragon

Dropped tier:
Masamune kun no revenge

Didn't even bother tier:
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Hand Holders.webm
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Hand Shakers
everything else

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This manga was such a waste.

Bunny suit is one of the greatest clothing creations ever.
Too much plot in later volumes. During the final arc the author noticed people were literally desensitized with Miu's plot and tried to overexpose Shigure's.

Desperate bastard.

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This doesn't get talked about enough, but which show would you say had the best OST from 2016?

Pic related. Say what you want about Amanchu but its soundtrack was completely perfect.
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Takkyu Musume.
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Came out a little early in the year, but shouldn't be forgotten.

However there wasn't really many OSTs that caught my eye (ear) last year. So thanks for the rec, OP.
Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou.

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I know 15 years is a long time to wait for someone to wake up, but Jesus Christ this was retarded.
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She moved on with her life, i don't see the issue with this particular part of the anime. I do however think the way it all ended was pretty fucking retarded.
You mean his mom hid his veggie body from her.
Moving on with her life is all fine and good. but you don't bring your newborn kid with you to flaunt how you moved on.

Guy comes out of a long ass coma and has lost everything. Have the decency to break it to him gently.

So what's the best anime to come out of the last decade? We've entered the late 2010s and 2007, the greatest year of anime outside of 2011 and 1998, was ten years ago.
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2011 wasn't really a great year.
Best anime of the 10s in my opinion is The Wind Rises. I'd accept that or Kaguya, I don't think anything else even comes close.
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It's a tie between Tatami Galaxy and Shinsekai Yori.

Dream jojo EDs? Here's mine for each part 5-8:




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Beautiful disaster would be another good one for part 6
>Part 5
>Not Gansta's Paradise
Fucking jojofags stop being cancer
>not Nothing but a G Thang

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No thread, then, here one.
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[HorribleSubs] Schoolgirl Strikers - Animation Channel - 02 [720p].mkv
Everyone already forgot it existed.
loli Roomba is best character

So Kamachi announced a new "big" project in 2017.

Are we finally getting that Mariydi spin-off?
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Its gonna be a Kamachiland panchinko
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I fucking hope so. Novel or manga, I'll be happy with either.

He said big project, so maybe it's anime. I doubt just another novel series would be considered big.

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fuck it let's just get this over with

there's some logic in the text of this chapter that doesn't make any sense; I'll point it out when we get there
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blah blah blah, over 400 years have passed, sign of war, etc
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>Let it come; a modern-day Sekigahara.

>Chapter 140: Country Cutter
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>Editor: Standing against one another: the power of the state and the one peerless under heaven!

Only included that line because I remember it was used to a certain prevalence in Vagabond.

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Who is better, Megumin or Rem?
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Both meme girls from meme shows.
Who cares.
Megumin will destroy Rem, one wave of her staff and potato is cooked
Megumin a least is funny, Rem is such a ugly potato.

Mio is a better singer than Yui. Fact.
U&I is the best song they have.
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>Literally the last song in K-on

You made me sad, OP.
Agreed on Mio. But I also thought U&I is kind of overrated, just like the song they did for Azusa. NO, Thank You! is probably the overall best, although Happy!?Sorry!! has the best chorus

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What are some things that make you drop an anime at the first episode?

Ill start:
-Obvious fanservice.
-Guy and several girls, lack of other significant male characters.
-Little girls doing cute things.
-Big stupid moe eyes.
-"X was an ordinary highschool student until the moment a mysterious girl appeared"
-Based on a videogame
-Cliché shonen designs

Your turn to rage.
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>Establish that only X can do a certain thing
I'm looking at you Infinite Stratoss.
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>I know he's a bad guy but I want to save him!
>A girl!? Time to save her, cause she's a girl. WAIT THERE'S TWO GIRLS? I THOUGHT ONLY ONE GIRL COULD EXIST
>I'm going to save this guy for no reason at all even though it doesn't concern me.
>Time to endanger my life to save the guy who just tried to kill me. Twice.
>Almost got myself killed trying to save some stranger today :^)
>I just met you and I'm going to save you.
>I know "that" will kill me because it's the 3rd time I used it, but I'm going to use it anyway.
>I just met you and now I'm going to save your ass.
>Dear Savory, saved someone that didn't want to be saved.
>Still trying to save my sword spirit demon who's trying to turn me into a statue.
>My sword spirit thing just tried to kill my best friend. Who the fuck does that?
Fuck you Ushio and Tora is great.

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