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witch hunter robin.jpg
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What shows do you remember watching in the past, that fell through the cracks?
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Yeah...I forgot this show but it had a great opening and ending. Show wasn't good or bad but "meh". I still say give Witch Humter Robin a shot to some newbies.
I remember falling asleep every time this would start on Adult Swim, and not even feel any regret like if I did during GITS or Blood+.

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Sup /a/, it's been a long ass time since I've been here and I'm about to become a father.

I'm planning on showing Omae Umasou da na, Little Witch Acadamia, The Cat Returns, Unico and Wolf Children to my kid, but is it a good idea to raise a kid on Anime? I don't want them to make the same mistakes I did.
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You'd probably be better off getting into kickboxing or stamp collecting or something, I dunno. Choose a productive hobby.
Unico is a good choice. I would have loved that movie as a kid
It's just movies, man. There's nothing wrong with watching some comfy anime films together as a family on a Sunday night.
Or at least, I'm hoping it isn't a slippery slope.

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I despise Naruto and all but... fucking hell, this scene is good.

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If Kakashi had died Rin would be riding his dick and Obito would've been a failure even in death.
That's a common thing in Naruto. A lot of plot points and scenes stand out as being good.

It's bogged down by the bad mains and the sloppy dialogue and cliches (or what we NOW consider cliches after seeing the weaboo consequences of them). But individually, it has many good scenes, not just fighting.
fuck off reddit

What did they mean by this?
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Cute dragon.

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How's that winter season looking, /a/?

Mine looks like this.
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If you watched Trickster for 13 episodes you wont drop it now it's clearly been shit since the start.
I just... I love Edogawa Rampo, anon.

But man has it gotten worse and worse and worse. And I haven't really watched 13 episodes. I've watched... 11. 12 and 13 are saved, and I can't get myself to watch them, but...
>Competing for AOTS
LWA, Gabriel, ACCA 13
>Not AOTS but still remarkable
Urara, Konosuba, Demi-chan, Maidragon, 3-gatsu
>Enjoying it enough
Youjo Senki

I feel like I'm lacking some action this season, but that's what my backlog is for.

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Would you, /a/?
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No way not with that flat ass
yea why not. Considering it's the only girl in that universe
considering the average /a/ user gets 0 sex a year,

I would say most, if not all, of /a/ would

Perfection! Your perfect anime.
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Were there even any threads about it on /a/? Still god tier OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42jnNqBHqnA
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One of the most underrated anime in year and probably the best anime remake of all time!
Hyped for 2202! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HbxR2hJckA

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How did a level 0 beat the cock?
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Because she's a turned into a full Level 6 slut, and even a full year of the cock isn't enough to phase her.
Cuz pussy
what is her power?
Also she looks like she submitted to the cock.

Does he still have IT?
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>Za Fooru
Clearly he doesn't.
As far as being a director he never really had it. His mechanical designs are still good tho
Everything he's made after Frontier has been a dud

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What do you think they're doing right now?
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Married, she's asking herself why she's been feeling nauseous lately.
Folding laundry.
Apparently they got married.

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Is Keijo popular in Japan? Is there any chance of 2nd season happening?

Keijo is the best anime I watched in a long time.
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It was bredy good. Fun and it didn't take itself seriously. Nothing special tho imo.
Stop living under a rock anon. It flopped hard.

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Heaven or hell?
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My hatred for elves is greater than my love for brown

The one that's not a disgusting knife ear
>brown elf
Basically made for mating press desu

What is the moral of Code Geass? It's okay to do bad things as long as you have good reasons and will take responsibility for everything?
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>moral of japanese animation
We can all get along and work together if we hate the same person
Yeah, if you didn't pay attention to the main point at all. Watch it again.

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Kaiman/Aikawa confirmed cutest character
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This shit still going?
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Should end soon (TM)

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Was the design for Mr. Po-Po an example of nip racism?
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This one was.
I didn't think he was human so nope.

actually he was a boss.

smartest guy who saw how pitiful the manlet whitie was and took matters into his own black hands. or at least tried to

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