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Left is best everything
What exactly? Satsuki-sama is vastly superior.
Lady Satsuki-samas charisma alone could carry the show.

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Ai Kakuma will play the protagonist Yuma Okasaki
Hiromi Igarashi will play her childhood friend Hotaru Mizushina.

This is going to be so rage and fap worthy
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>anime with literally the word "NTR" on it
It's not cheating if it's with another girl.
More like, can it even be called cheating if the guy stops dating her less than 10 chapters in because he realizes something is wrong?

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Why is Kono Shima such an amazing series?
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Its hilarious
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We yandere now

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Wanted to read the LN of Overlord since the end of its season ended on a high note

Why did it suddenly turn LITERALLY into about Lizardmen A WHOLE FUCKING VOLUME ABOUT THE GODDAMN LIZARD

I want to read on but for godsakes I cant get past this shitty ass volume

FUCK lizardmen
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Yeah, it's pretty rough. I would just skim through the first 75% at least. It's worth it to keep going.
>fell for overlord meme
It's one of /a/ jokes, just like boku no pico
Because the author didn't knew how to world build at that point, just skip to the battles

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How good is the GTO manga anyway? Usually the longer ones tend to lose direction or get weird but is it worth reading all 200 or so chapters?
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Why don't you start start reading, and if it begins to bore you, you stop?
Pretty swell ,but it does become repetative near the end .
The original manga is great all the way through and keeps getting better all the way up to the end. The spin off are fun since they are more Onizuka but they are not as solid as the original run. GTO is my favorite series so I heavily endorse reading all of it.

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What is the appeal of this ""character""?
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she kawaii af
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loyal, hardworking, little psycho, little perv, shut-in, relatable future wish, relatable flaws, cute design
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Cute smile and marriageable.

Emilia had a better design tho

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Why is this allowed?
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r u retarded?
You don't like to be teased through the 4th wall?

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Anyone else feel like the second half was kinda rushed in the "o god I don't want to work on this shitty movie" anymore sense?

I'm talking about the abridged btw
well its mostly fighting, the area TFS do worst so obviously itd be a dip in quality

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Post some of the original waifus of /a/. The waifus of olde that made 4chan what it is today.
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Not cool anon.
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Yuki, DESU, Fate, Shana.

Good times.

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Childhood is idolizing Ryuko; Adulthood is realizing Satsuki makes more sense.
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Satsuki literally accomplished nothing.
She spent 18 years of her life being played by her mother, that used her to wipe out all resistance in Japan and experiment with life fibers and after that ended her rebellion in 5 minutes.
Then her only contribution was coming up with the plan to save Ryuko (executed by others) , as Nudist Beach, Ryuko and Senketsu did most of the job.
at least she had a mom
at least she didn't need one deus ex machine power-up per episode to save her ass

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How do you guys decide what to watch next?

Threads on /a/? Or do you roll a dice?
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By alphabet.
I ask myself "What do I want to watch next?". The answer to that question is what I watch next.
So I guess you never got to those shows that starts with "Z"

not that I don't enjoy me some Moezart, but how does this shit get 2 cours?
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schubert episode is always the best
NHK funded.
>NHK funded.

Pretty much this

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was there ever a series where the second half was actually better than the first half

all seem to lose momentun halfway through, some manage to deliver a satisfying finale
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Dumb phone poster.
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has a very strong second half while having a somewhat weak first half.
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New Game

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Poor guy.
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This episode was strange.

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I expect that
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Wasn't that already confirmed?
Yes. Almost a year ago. OP has been living under a rock.
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Not only has it been confirmed but it's actually airing next season.

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