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This is a Japanese Elder God.
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This is the same Elder God in the west.
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This is a Filipino witch.
This is magical grimoire containing forbidden magics.

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what's her end-game?
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I don't know but I want to commit a crime
she'd probably charge at you and gouge your groin with one of her horns while shouting "uyruuu". do you still proceed?

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Why is Mars the sexiest and best girl?
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>Venus is named after the most beautiful goddess in the pantheon
>she isn't the most beautiful
>Mars is
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Mars is also the most interesting planet in our solar system.
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Pluto is the sexiest. Jupiter is the overall best though when you take into account both personality and looks.

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Hey, kid. Like trains?
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It's funny how the anime turned out completely different from the LNs even after Twittergate, where an animator working on the adaptation bitched about how they had no creative freedom to change things due to the author's requests.
I love my station, but not this crap.
I enjoyed watching Rail Wars.

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baccano a shit.jpg
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>It'll all make sense by the end
>when you finish you'll go oh, that was cool
This is possibly the worst show I've ever seen in my entire life. The worst first episode of any anime ever
Baccano? More like Baka, No don't watch this
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shit taste
No my taste is perfectly fine thank you very much
>This is possibly the worst show I've ever seen in my entire life.
Hyperbolic statements designed to shut down all possible reasonable discourse are sure indicators of a bait thread.

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Are black haired girls generally the sexiest?
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Yes. Objectively. And always.
Black is definitely the sexist natural hair color.
Due to being in the majority, yes. The sexiest though is silver hair.

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Shows like Serial experiments Lain and texhnolyze have not been made in a very long time, and i sort of liked this kind of genre.
What happened?
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because those don't sell
Flip Flappers aired last season.
Penguindrum doesnt count

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[blocks your path]
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[rapes u]
Cause she's ugly

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What was the point of this character?
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I fap to her often. I don't think that's the point of her from the creator's perspective but I found it to be a good use anyway.

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How do you describe this body type?
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You don't need to be able to tell the future to know she'll grow up to become a foxy sex goddess.
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Pure sex.

>Actually portraying a 'friends with benefits' relationship
>Doesn't freak out about sex
Is this real life?
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No, it's fiction which is why such a thing is presented a possible.
you're an actual dumbass if you think a friends with benefit relationship is a healthy way to live
Good thing nobody said anything about it being healthy or unhealthy.

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in which anime does best girl win? the only one i can remember off the top of my head is kokoro connect
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Any omnibus format harem?
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Saekano, best girl Megumi wins.

Ice Tail was the stupidest pun I've seen for a long time.

Perfect Anime Doesn't Exi-
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If it were perfect, they would've kissed.

What did Anno mean by this?
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it all keeps tumbling down
but WHAT exactly is tumbling down?
Rei confirmed for huge slut. Why else would she show her pussy uncensored to the world?

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You can do this in any fashion you like (images, text, greentexting, etc.) so long as you badly describe something by doing so. I'll go first.

Kirby takes 4 people on a cross dimensional road trip.
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Boy comes to another world and becomes OP.
>i love you
>i love you too
>wait no i love teacher
>teacher doesn't love you
>I love another girl
>she doesn't care
>only got bronze
This show follows a group of highschoolers

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