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> He isn't a Level 5
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>she's not a normal high school boy that you can find anywhere
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>he isn't on level 5
>being biologically a jobber

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>MC is at his lowest point full of self-loathing
>Rem remains calm and clear-headed
>brings him out of his despair accepting him for who he is despite thinking he's not worthy of her
>doesn't resent and plan to cheat on him, like a real woman would, for being human and showing vulnerability
>says that they will shoulder each others burden but it's worth it because they have each other
>dat cinematography and song

Really not that hard to understand why many people consider Rem best girl.
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Pretty much. It goes to show that only men understand romance.
Still haven't gotten over ep 18.
Rem is shit. speaking of which, why do all of her pictures try so hard to make her seem like some kind of angel?

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Ok I get that he's future Emiya, but why the hell is he tan with white hair?
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He got nuked
Radiation from fighting in the middle east.
He used too much of his weaponized magical autism so his appearance became chuuni as fuck

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Is it advised I finish reading Hollow Ataraxia before watching this?
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Yup, make sure you also play all the Fate PSP games too. You also need to play F/GO and drop $200 on rolls.
yes, only for bazett and caren
Well it's a good thing I can't read nipspeak

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How does /a/ feel about academic weebs?
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They're okay, I guess.
Curious one night, I searched a few anime through my uni's library database and I was surprised how many academic journals there are covering anime. Some are pretty interesting to read.
Are there any publications on seasonal stuff?

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So whats the deal with little sisters acting like jealous girlfriends in anime anyway? They're not the charactor's girlfriend or his wife but they act like they have been married for 20 years why call them sisters, why don't they call them girlsters or siswifes?
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Because that's the way it works in real life, faggot. Didn't your sister get jealous when you first got a girlfriend?
It's supposed to be cutesy, childish behavior.
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No. She didn't.

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You can't
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fuck off, /tv/
Kino was pretentious crap for autists.
I can't name a better anime, but I can name plenty of better girls. I'll start with an easy one, Sonokawa Momoka.

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Just a quick reminder that one of the strongest stand users in the entirety of JoJo was defeated by an ambulance
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Japanese vehicles, man.
And people actually like Part 4 why?
Also an immortal aztec god was defeated by a man using some fancy rope knots and a magical stone, a priest who killed an entire universe was defeated by a six year old boy, and the president of the untied states was defeated by a cripple getting kicked by a horse.

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Suiryu is not important at all, guys!
He's not even in the cover art for volume 12!
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Oh wait, he has his own page.
Can he just punch something already?
Suiryu > Garou

Don't like your boring life? Fucking kill yourself and you'll come back as a little magical girl.

What absolute garbage, I wouldn't be surprised if this show drives the nip suicide rate up
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for this bait to be successful you'd have to target a different isekai type show like sao or something with a grater abundance of moe

this show itself i'm willing to give a chance, it's still early in and could turn out to be pretty okay
Fuck you all these isekai shows are the same and OP is right to hate every single one of them.
>Don't like your boring life? Fucking kill yourself and you'll come back as a little magical girl.

Welcome to Isekai, enjoy your poorly written trash

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There's 'people' (monsters is more like it) on /a/ RIGHT FUCKING NOW who didn't love Sora no Method/Celestial Method
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3Hz opus magnum
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As someone who really wanted to like and loves Noel it is actually mediocre.

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>double the radioactive waste

Feels like heaven
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Oh wow. Purple haired twins in a Key game? There's a shocker.
Did CR use monster instead of familiar in S1 too?

It just feels weird as hell.

In between 5 and 10 words, no more, no less.
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Guy tries to get laid but he keeps dying
Gay teenage boy falls in love with a crossdresser
Neocowboys and corrupt corporations battle in technofuturistic wild west tokyo.

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This seems pretty overrated, to be honest. I have a feeling even the most fetishistic people wouldn't exactly like this. And this is all coming from someone who enjoys stuff like DxD and TLRu so it's not because of Fanservice. There's just something...off about it.
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>DxD and TLRu
Fuck those are awful.
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>DxD and TLRu

Those are terribad, Keijo is actually much funnier and sexier, the characters feel like battle shonen characters from the early 90s but with butt attacks.

The only thing I know is that I masturbated through the whole show and enjoyed every bit of it.
It's just funny.

Lying, scheming, piece of shit.
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Glad you finally see the light.
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Neko a best. A BEST.
>favorite girl turns out to be a psycho in the 2nd episode


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