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GKids is screening a subbed version of "Ocean Waves" this weekend in the US.

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Yeah, too bad the movie is trash.
>not Miyazaki or Takahata

Shinji has asked you out on a date, and you get to decide where and what you do after the date. What do you say?
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Gay bath house then I'm going to pound that boi pussy
Your boipussy is MINE.
Why do you guys fawn over nothing but waifus but when it comes to Shinji you'll suck his dick in a millisecond if given the chance?

What is even the difference between these two aside from the obvious superhero/ninja dichotomy?
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Left is decent.
Left is still good and hopefully will stay good
Naruto is better than Academia.

>From now on, I'm going to work as Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (© Futabasha Publishers Ltd.)!

Really, Kyoani?
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Waste of talent. Fire Takemoto already.
The first episode had some reasonably funny parts. It's unlikely to be anything memorable, but it might make for a decent comedy. It doesn't seem like a disaster based on the forst episode.
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>I can't believe that Scottish guy knocked me up! Well, looks like it's time to Kill Me Baby

Holy shit who was in charge of this script?

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We always have AOTS threads, but what is the WAOTS?
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This or LWA.
You're favorite anime
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If I didn't know the source material

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What is Japan trying to tell us, /a/?
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That they have unequivocally shit taste. Every single girl on the left in that image is worse than their right counterpart.
Nice nitpicking OP.

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When will we get a ryona anime?
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Because it's such a small niche appeal.
There was one just last season.
It's called Fairy Tail

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Plastic Little.jpg
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Why are 90s girls so perfect?
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-floofy hair
-pinchable cheeks
-shapely thighs
-firm bodies
-high-cut swimsuits
-visible jawlines and substantial chins
-superior color palettes
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Because they used to strive for balanced physical proportions which came across as more "real"
it's not about balance, it's about taking into account certain specific curves like
-the thorax
-the shoulder muscles
-the hip bones

and a few other elements of the female body that are now understated as fuck even in mature characters because the loli craze made character designers forget them

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Daily reminder
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might as well drop this now.
What did she mean by this?
>I want to study horoscopes with Konata.

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I don't understand, is everyone calling this AOTY memeing or is it actually good?

>inb4 watch it
Yes, but I need you to tell me what to think.
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It's shit.
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It's absolutely diabolical, Will probably drop on the second episode unless improvements happen.
These people just don't understand the depth of its fruedian themes and imagery. Its very similar to eva.

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Chapter 13 is out.
translation soon
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Is this yuri?
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No, why would you think that?
Hyper girls battle orgia translation when?

ITT: Anime/Manga where the main girl is the best girl.
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If you're a real man you stop watching moeshit and board my ship.
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Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, this is a board for cute girls
>Real man
Posts a guy who looks like a fagget
You're on fucking /a/ and you can't handle a hairstyle like that? God damn.

What did YOU say about me on the Internet?
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That engravings on weapons hold no tactical advantage whatsoever.
There's already a Shibuya Rin thread

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Is it just me or Gintama is incredibly boring this season?
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I get more of my girl but yes, BNP dropped the comedy part.
Gintama is always boring
>Gintama was ever not boring

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