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deadly queen

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What did he mean by this
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>10 year anniversary

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Is this the pinnacle of 90s anime?
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Only the dubbed version.
Because it gives us a better Shinji.
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And Ruri is one of the pinnacle pillars of moe.
Yes, it was a great ride

I want Ruri-chan to call me a baka baka

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I want to do proper anal with Chiri.
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No, you don't.
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Chiri tied up.jpg
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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I miss SZS

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Why haven't you watched this masterpiece yet?
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I'm watching it, but you should stop doing weekly Oniisama e threads.
But I saw it anon, read the manga too
I did. The death at the end was so forced. Even if they hadn't censored the actual drug cause in the anime.

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How do you think about smocchi?
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It's shit
Worst unfunny haruhi spinoff desu
Smochi is nothing to nyoro-n about.

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Why is this the magic age for anime girls?
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It's a year older than the age of consent in Japan, which makes people feel slightly less creepy when they talk about fucking them
It's the lowest "legal to fug" age in Japan. This fluctuates depending on where in Japan you live.
Japan is weird.
>Teen age
>Not angsty or hungry for dick like 15-17 yo
>Not childish like 11-13 yo

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The big thread got pruned because /pol/ infested it and the other thread with Amanda in the OP kinda sucks so this one's for discussion.

>want weekend to last longer
>want the next episode to come sooner
Help me, /a/
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fuck /u/
Check the catalog next time buddy
>Write up a big post explaining to a retard just how retarded he is
>error: thread specified does not exist
damn it, I'd rather not write posts like that but once you put so much energy into it it's like blueballs not being able to submit it

sage because this thread got already got off on the wrong foot >>152249267

Let's discuss witches. Thanks.

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Okay. Hiroya Oku doesn't have the greatest track record for delivering quality manga. But this is fucking pathetic. More than half the chapter is copied images from the same chapter.
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This one is particularly egregious - a flat-out rescale of the previous page.
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Same background photograph for every panel. We already know who the character is; no reason for the shading.
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You know what I love more than anything in 「THE WORLD」?
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JouJou memes
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I was expecting something clever or witty...

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How does it get into the suit
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Anime never explains itself correctly.
Moonman doesnt have to answer that nigger

what did he mean by this frame ?
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Two peas in a fucked up pod.
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is that her chest or his?

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Which one was better?

I genuinely believe the original was better because delicious filler, better artstyle and less shading
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Back when they could actually draw?

Original. Crystal only got good at season 3 because of the fact that they went back to it's roots. It was to late though sadly.
I miss Luna's adorable voice, it's more clearer in crystal. The permanent :3 and the fact the she turns human is kinda nice though.

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Which one /a/?
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Which one WHAT
I'll take the far left.
Where's Hideyoshi?

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>Akko is a bratty hypersperg
>Sucy is pretty much evil
>Diana is a stuck up bitch
>Chubby and Techwizard are hardly characters
>Amanda is just discount Ryuko

Why would you make a series with only one likeable character?
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lotte is basically a discount kensuke tho
>one bland character
She's that one person no one dislikes.

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