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Her personality is shit. I laugh whenever the other characters praise her. She's rotten, spoiled, talentless, unmotivated, selfish, self centered, and rude. Why do I love her so much?
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Same goes for when a show a cute girl as an otaku. Suddenly those traits become admirable.
Probably because she behaves like a real person and not a copypasted archetype character

You see yourself in her.

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Can we have a thread about this criminally underrated manga especially since we got 24 new translated chapters in less than a wekk. Who are the glorious faggots here that started translating it again after under the dog dropped it cause you are saints.

>this moment will never be animated
feels bad.
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>24 chapters

meant to say 4, fucking wish it were 24
i started reading this on a whim few months back and was very pleased with it, i enjoy every chapter
i only started reading it cause it was by the MM guy, was initially disappointed cause it wasnt what i was expecting but it wound up being one of the most consistently enjoyable experiences with manga, its just constantly upbeat and optimistic and when the drama does role around it feels warranted and not overblown.

The only unenjoyable experience with it, was having the scans be dropped like 4 times and constantly seeing the series almost get axed by shounen jump which it still isnt exactly out of the water with it.

Is this seriously how they treat fat people in Japan? Thank God I'm a burger. USA is truly number one
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Everyone thinks fat people are disgusting in the US too, they just don't say anything you pig.
Fat people deserve to be treated like that.
I'm $100 sure it's all in his head and if he told people he used to be fat the girls would just think it makes him cuter through gap appeal. People don't like fat, but they respect those who shed it.

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>You will never tickle a 15 year old girl's sides

How does that make you feel?
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But I did when I was 15.
I dont think this is a really difficult thing to do actually
I did when I was 15, does that count?

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The thinking of a Japanese wageslave, everyone and their mother knows war is very profitable and a source for many technological advances.
Otherwise America wouldn't be trying to find some new target to point their guns at right this moment.
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War is only profitable, because of dumb American wageslaves my friend.
Is that why the British did it nearly on every corner of the world throughout most of their modern history?
war is unprofitable when it ruins your own infrastructure. Had the Japanese in WWII kept the war on the west coast of the USA, and not had it happen over glorious Nippon, the Nips would have benefited greatly from the war. but the moment the nations infrastructure starts getting broken up, war starts to become unprofitable.

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ITT entry-level waifus
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>having more than one
>divorcing your waifu for another
I don't like the implications of this thread
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If all it takes for you to stop loving your waifu is some faggot calling her entry-level, you never deserved her in the first place.

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Pick your type.
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I want all of it at the same time.
Daughteru tier
Friend tier (no one likes ribbons still)
Wife tier
Friend with benefits tier
Cute > *

Post who you think the best girl is in a show that you haven't watched
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The spider/drider girl.

flip flappers
who was your favourite main character
who was your favourite background character

what would you prefer?
1) a sequel
2)or a 25 episode remake that covers all the amorphous adventures we missed (between episode 3 and 4 they lost 2 amorphous to "the other guys" in 2 different Pure Illusion worlds) and goes into depth in more pure illusion worlds (like the space suit one) and maybe even makes some of the previous episodes 2 episodes long. (like getting to see papika looking for her lost cocona)
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Enthusiastic OP is cute
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uh oh now i've done it
i forgot to change the name of my .gif ;_;

>who was your favourite main character
>who was your favourite background character
painter girl
>what would you prefer?
2) :3c
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What do these three have in common?
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They're jerks
Meme characters
they're from the same series

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Is season 2 worth watching if i literally only give a shit about Chitoge?
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It was never worth watching.
You already proved you have shit taste, you might as well.

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biggest uncle tom in anime still
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what did he mean by this ?
if this guy would just have stood still things would have been better sooner

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Find a flaw
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She's not in my bed.
Nazi party armband.

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Literally dropped

This is a fucking whore house, I thought it was pure yuri without filthy males in sight.
Now I learn men come to fuck them in the afternoon?

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So men can freely wander around town molesting any cute fortune teller they want, but the residents are confined to their rank-based ghettos?
They probably don't fuck anybody.
The customer is always right.

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autistic fuck.png
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please I need help with my younger brother I need him to stop watching fucking one piece he laughs like this fucking fat guy and he has the johohoho song non fucking stop
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please help
that's the fucking autistic laugh

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