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So I just watched this. Inb4 slowpoke.
What the fuck is going on here?
>Teased by a new crew and new radical survival situation
>Nah just kidding, 60 mins of ruined Geofront for you

Who is building the shit? Who keeps the shit going? Who feeds Shinji? Are ther invisible half angel oompa loompas? Why is Gendo room still blasted up? Why does Shinji decide to ignore Kaworu? Why it doesn't matter if Shinji follows orders or acts by himself? He is gonna tear the world a new asshole anyway...WHO BUILDS THE SHIT AGAIN?

I won't comment the changes in the story and characters because it's a reboot I get it.
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it doesn't matter

3.0 is shit
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>watching 3.0
I know I know, but I had to.

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What happened
So no ugly bitch anymore? Please say yes.
looks like it

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Previous thread:
Waiting NEWS edition

Voice actors announced:
>Kenny Ackerman - Tetsu Inada
>Sieg - Junichi Suwabe
>Sanes - Norio Wakamoto
>Traute - Sayaka Ohara
>Alma Reiss - Minami Tsuda

There was a really big printing mistake on this page.
>Instead of eating, it's touching. Nevertheless, Historia would have to be mercilessly turned into a mindless titan.
>Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa.
>Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark
>Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.
>Reminder that Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
>Reminder that Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Season 2 trailer:
Second S2 trailer to drop soon
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Armin a cute.
What's up with Jean's arm/hand?

This is otherwise a very cute picture but Jesus, that anatomy.
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>Voice actors announced

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Spooky, alluring, cute and attractive.
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And with a wicked sense of humor.
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She and Gaen ruined the show, two annoying smug bitches

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Explain in detail why you consider Rem to be the best girl of a lifetime.
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Perfected waifubait.
She just is the best, there is no need for further discussion or debating.
Small framed, ample bosom, milky thighs, tight haircut, sweet attitude, great work ethic.

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>"Jojo is a good anime"
>Oh? Is it?
>Name 10 good episodes
>Ok, name 5
>Oh? You can't even name 5 episodes that are good? Doesn't sound like a good show to me! But I'll make it easy for you, name ONE
>Oh ok I thought so.
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Man anon how can i be as cool as you?
Not watching shounenshit
who the fuck are you quoting

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Why do nips love slavs so much?
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They love Finns more.
It's the nearest land with blonde girls.
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That's not true, the best girls just tend to be Slavic.

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Incest is _____
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ok i guess

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.

Find a flaw.
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She wasn't recruited into the Strike Witches.
I jerked off to this at least once.
Which studio ghibli girl is the most wankable to?

Why is this good? I feel people have overrated this anime, 5 episodes so far and don't find anything appealing, maybe MC?
Tell me what do you think about it and if i should end it
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Make up your own mind, cum guzzler.
You might be stupid, OP.
Because /a/ seriously thinks that forced animation = good show

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Can anyone legitimately dispute this being the greatest anime of all time?
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Yes, people can like different things.
>liking something and quality of production are the same thing
You're a stupid idiot.
Do you seriously think that this is the best Japanese animation has to offer in terms of quality?

>Aqua Thread
>Megumin Thread
>No Darkness Thread
Why is Lalatina secretly the best Konosuba?
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I want to marry her and have gentle, loving sex with her in the missionary position.
It's only natural that the unique and not shit characters come first.

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>Birthday January 15, 1992
it is her birthday today
everybody please wish her a happy birthday
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Too old.
She needs to be recycled.
What are you giving her?
my hand in marriage

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>angels are actually evil
every fucking time
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Angels do some nasty shit even in the bible.
That being said, what a garbage thread.
>final page as the OP
>NnT not mentioned
Sage. Lurk more and try better next time.
Religion is always bad. The military is always bad.

Unless it's a story that focuses solely on one of them, and even then the upper echelons are almost always corrupt.

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