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More like this?
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No, more like this
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More like this.
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What's her character archetype?
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An ancient evil.
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What's the shittiest thing you've seen in 2017 so far?
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Your post
This thread

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Who is best angel and why is it Sachiel?
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>not leliel
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best angel.jpg
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you must be crazy
Ramiel, she's just so geometrically-kawaii

why does anime/manga work so well with cyberpunk? Also why isn't there more of it?
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There isn't more of it because it's way out of style.
>why isn't there more of it?
thats so 90s style. its old what japan wants is fantasy mmorpg isekai anime with tons of cute little girls.
Because a lot of writers are ignorant to it.

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Tell me, /a/, was Revy the villain of the story?
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pro tip: it's gonna be Rock
what if they all die in the end?
You would have to be retarded to think that. You're not retarded, are you?

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Karen is for ____
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making the whole episode better.

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What was the biggest disappointment of 2016?
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Your birth
Berserk or Phantom World, Flip Flappers wasn't that bad on comparison
This post is pretty hilarious on numerous levels

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LotGH guide.png
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>tfw LotGH threads will soon be infested with newfags from the new series
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Oh no, god forbid someone besides you likes the same show.

I mean, fuck off, if you don't want other people to talk about the show with you, what are you doing here?
>Jojo is amazing
>baaw no Jojo anime ever
>fucking hate jojofags, it's gay and it's shot

>Snk manga is amazing, anime soon!
>Fucking Snk faggots, baby's first anime, ugly art

Yea, I hope you guys enjoyed LOGH while it was still obscure. Hopefully for your sake it'll stay that way even after.
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2017 here we come.jpg
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I don't care. The more, the merrier. This fandom is already cancerous anyway, might as well accept it.

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another anon thinks dbz is in the top 3 anime , it is outside the top 10 imo. what will u place it at in ranking?
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maybe top ten in the shounen category, and that's taking dragonball as a whole instead of the powerlevel shitshow dbz devolved into.

Overall I'd rank it below top 50, way too many great anime out there.
Kill yourself.

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Who is the best Digimon and why is it Dukemon?
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When is the new Tri movie coming out again?
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cute omegamon.jpg
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February, right?

That's not Omnimon.
Omegamon is for shitters

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What does /a/ think of Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan?
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AOTY 2016
pretty good
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Chapter 131.png
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Chapter 84 came out yesterday and a partial translation of chapter 131 is up.

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If there was a Legend of Zelda anime, would Link work better as a self-insert character to mimic the games? Or should he be given good characterization because there is no player in anime?
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Link has enough companions that they could be given characterization while Link himself remains more or less a force of nature. Ideally the story would follow another character and their adventures in watching the autistic mute fuck shit up.
It could work if they do it Wind Waker style where he gets bullied by everybody.
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Which version of Link is the most popular anyway? If they ever were to go through with a LoZ anime, I suspect they would just go with an OoT adaption anyway though.
I'm still convinced that BotW Link is the Hero of Time from the Decline timeline.

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Do you think Nasu and Takeuchi even remember they're supposed to be doing a Tsukihime remake anymore?
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it was shit

f/sn was 100x better in every way

Why would they ever put money into remaking this fucking VN?
Tsukihime is the superior VN. FSN is over hyped chuuni battle manga tier shounen shit.
>FSN is the chuuni shit
The lack of self-awareness of Suckyhimefags is amazing.

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>An entire new school with middle school and high school is opened with the main purpose of finding suitable girls to join the fifth force to fight aliens.

>Once these girls are recruited and the teams are formed they are pretty much left on their own devices to do physical training and figure out combat strategy.

These fucking game adaptations I tell you. Oh well abiding by the 3 episode rule, but I don't see myself continuing after.
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Not like there's a lot of people watching it in the first place.

Yumi best girl
Feels like Ange Vierge but it's lacking the maximum overdumb and laser beam character focus that Ange Vierge had.
This is precisely why Yumi is best girl, because the show itself is depicting the whole schoolgirl aspect independent of the fighting aspect and they've got 3 literally placeholder characters, one fun genki, and one lead yamato nadeshiko.

"You won't like this show. You are a disgrace for watching it. You can't understand the appeal."
That's what people who like this show will mumble to themselves as it airs as their threads die on /a/. It will remain something completely pointless to talk about with anyone else and 20mins of a complete waste of time.

This anime is a masterpiece.
Why the hell are only the transformation scenes dark?
Not dark in color or dark in theme, but it's like they added some dark filter over the fucking scenes.

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