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Guys what's with C.C. being SO FUCKING HOT?

Why is Suzaku looking at her like that though
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He's looking at Lelouch like the rest of the girls.
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Shes always been hot. As expected from best girl
He's not looking at the moldy-haired harlot. Much like the two ladies in the back, Suzaku is entranced by the diligent seamstress on the far right.

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New chapter soon.
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It´s already out, it seems pretty good.
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She'll never hold your hand.
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Neither will I.
Nobody will ever hold your hand.
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it hurts inside
The most revolting language.

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What's your excuse for not watching Getter Robo Armageddon, /a/?
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I already watched Gurren Lagann.
I've already seen it, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Already watched it, it got worse and worse as it went on.

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Where are my /ourguy/ bros at?
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Fuck off, crossboard memer.

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Find a flaw
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She is no angel.
Can you read? I said flaw.

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If a anime has high rewatch value, then it's good. Is the theorem is correct?
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It's a definition thing.
How do you define quality?
If having rewatch value means being good to you, then by that definition, yes, obviously you are right.

How do you define "good" in the context of anime?
Well to test this, you would ideally want to find series that are supposedly good in which you have no desire or find great difficulty to rewatch.
I shouldn't be using series here as there are movies and single OVA.

Why the sluts characters are beloved so much?
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I only like slutty boys.
Because it makes people's fantasies of fucking these characters easier to imagine.
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So, anyone who regularly listens to anime original soundtracks as a whole CDs? What are your favourites from the last year? Favourite pieces which never get old? Your favourite composers? And what are you looking forward this year?

This year was pretty strong for OST CDs in general. Iwasaki Taku created one of his best in Bungou Stray Dogs 01 and 02 (and also one of his worst with Qualidea Code). Ike Yoshihiro's grand orchestrations proved to be a perfect fit for Yuu Gi Ou! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS. Ooshima Michiru created absolutely marvelous music for Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Kaida Shougo stringed musical score for 91Days was fabulous, just as Oshio Koutarou's light guitar and piano pieces for Doukyuusei. Tsutsumi Hiroaki and Kikuchi Naruyoshi proved to be one of the most promising talents. Tsutsumi with his fantastic Kuromukuro OST and OST2 discs and Kikuchi with his absolutely fantastic free jazz Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt score. And of course there were more…

But what ultimately blew me away was kotringo's Kono sekai no katasumi ni OST. What an utter joy that CD is. I never really paid much attention to kotringo, only ever listening to her Tsubame Novelette concept album from 2013 but oh dear, KonoSekai OST made me incredibly aware of her.a

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>Iwasaki Taku created one of his best in Bungou Stray Dogs 01 and 02

They didn't include that track in both albums. You know which one I'm talking about.
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> They didn't include that track in both albums.
Happens all the time. One of the worst cases was probably Texhnolyze which on its original soundtrack CDs featured mostly unused tracks and different arranges. Many pieces used in the anime were nowhere to be found on the CDs. Even though that despite that the CDs were still quite good, it was a bit shame.
>listens to anime original soundtracks as a whole CD
Wouldn't say tracks are usually placed in right order to make it really pleasant to listen to a whole CD in one go.
Reminds me of that track from first episode of Hellsing TV anime.

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What was the point of this scene?
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To make you get that stupid limbo conga drum song stuck in your head every single time.

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Urara Meirochou
Urara Meirochou

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>I have to self-insert myself into every anime to enjoy it
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>shitposting greentext thread that fucking retards will respond to without saging
Fuck off.
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>this is why gilgamesh is in basically everythingfate

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What were their problem?
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They were on a hunt for some vampire pussy and some teenage edgelord stood in their way,
>What was their problem?
I agree. How did these three badass extremely experienced vampire hunters who severely wounded one of the greatest beings in history all get defeated by some dumbass and a girl with big tits?
they faced someone with plot armor

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He was a girl to Shinji, and that's all that matters.
I thought Shinji was the girl in their relationship
It was a lesbian relationship.

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aoicchi smug.png
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nene singe-handedly drains old men of their semen
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