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>/tv/ memes
>shitty bitstarved image
I am seeing a pattern here.
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best thing since the walkman.jpg
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Man, Rayet was a good character.

This show could have been so good.

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I personally rate it a 9.7/10.
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I personally rate your taste shit/10.
well what do you find good you stupid /a/ user
I watched this when it was airing and it was decent until the white hair girl showed up kill uself

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>What about...eyebrows?
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Those are pieces of seaweed.
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>tfw thick eyebrows fetish

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Moe kills anime thread?
Have you even watched kaiji?

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Hedghehog boy.jpg
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Reminder that Shinji is canonicaly heterosexual.
>Speaking about the blushing, is it because Shinji was happy that someone said they like him?
>Anno: Yes, Shinji-kun really didn't experience carnal desire there *laugh*.
Confirmed by Anno himself.
How does this confirm he's heterosexual?
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Best girl smiling.jpg
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I REALLY love Emilia.
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She's a cute girl. Super nice and does her best. Dont hate.
weak bait mate I rate eight out of eight no hate just irate cause your waste grates on my tastes

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censored loli fanservice.jpg
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This is what kyoani does now
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And i'm glad.
BD's When?
Best-animated censorship in the genre.
Kyoani is based

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The raw for this weeks chapter has been released. Just 3 more chapters after this one.
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Can we have a thread about The Climber?

Just finished reading this and while I love the art and Buntarous personal development I really didn't care for how it practically had a entirely new supporting cast after every new arc, and the pacing felt a bit staggered, particularly when he transferred into becoming a family man so quickly after half the series being about bitches and whores
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I agree with your gripes, but the final arc made the whole quick family thing fit in quite well because even when he found his place in society, he still decided to go on what was basically a suicide mission for his dream, climbing to his solitary paradise on k2.

I don't have it on me now but that page where it showed him climbing "naked" in total peace near the fucking top of k2 was really amazing and a fine peak to his character development.

Also, Buntarou had a hard time with everyone, not just bitches and whores. When his old friend took his money and lied to him just like that, I was really upset.
I liked how every couple of chapters it tries to push how if he got over his autism things would improve, only to prove a few chapters later that his autism was completely justified and everyone around him weren't worth opening up to in the first place.
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Why does Jojo have the androgyny symbol on his hat? Is he gender fluid?
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The fuck is genderfluid?
I feel like forcing people to change genders would be an interesting stand power.
It's an anchor, Araki loves nautical themes, because of all the gay.

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i feel sick.png
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15 mins into instrumentality n chill and she gives you this look
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really makes me question my self worth
leave your shit content on twitter and not /a/, retard.
Thanks for trying to fill the Asuka sized void in my life by bullying me but I'm going to need you to be more disdainful

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Anybody else reading this? The art is pretty nice, and the story is laid back so far. It's weird seeing how Japan was before westernisation.
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I have it lying around somewhere, been meaning to get around to it. Is the movie getting a western release by any chance?
Its untranslated right? Just like 3 chapters
You can go deeper than this. Where do you usually find manga if not on a reader?

Why is there so much degenerate INCEST shit in anime nowadays? It's fucking wrong and twisted and you should feel bad for liking it.
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Why is there so much lesbianism in anime?
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For better plot

The cutest girl of the season is in a lolsorandumb shit show with bad art that's not even 5 minutes long.

How does this happen?
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She's also a confirmed virgin unlike all of those other anime sluts who probably take unwashed old man dicks by the dozen.
A couple of weeks ago someone told me this was like Somera so I watched every episode of every season.

Can someone give me an estimate for how many brain cells I just lost?
Can't lose something you don't have.

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Tell me about Hotaru
Why does she eat the dagashi?
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Because she can't have the D. yet.
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She's a big girl.
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This series has confusing symbolism.

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