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Which bike did /a/ choose?

>implying this one
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Eh close enough
Kawasaki and Yamaha, what do I win?

Is this show worth watching?

Is sister the true end?
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If there's an ending where 8man remains alone, that's the true ending. If not, the thing's non-canon.

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>deaf girl chronicles finishes
>goes into overdrive with japanese The Thing
Im liking this
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That slut better not have kissed Fushi.

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>the only scans are from an English publication on pulp paper that reads left to right

Kill me
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>Kill me
Do it yourself, faggot.
This was my first manga a million years ago. Happy times.
>Waaaaah I can't read it like a grorious nippon and need to function in my native tongue!

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post Rin's
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What are you looking at?
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Can't you see she doesn't like it?
Can shiburin kill servants
The toes of that girl over on the right.

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So how did they reach the ocean so easily when all previous scouting legion couldn't reach it in all the hundreds years? Didn't they say it was impossible to reach without titan powers unless that's eren shifted the whole way there.
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Annie is love
Annie is life

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The impacts of deaths in Evangelion was poorly executed. I never cared when a single character met their maker because it was never made clear if they actually died at all, between confusing shots and a strange continuity.

Early on, we see Rei die, but she's clearly not dead. Kaji is killed offscreen in messy circumstances, Rei dies again but is returned to us an episode later, which finally brings us to the most important death of all, that of Asuka Soryu Langley, greatest fighter of all time, prettiest girl, kind to a fault, viciously murdered in what should be an impactful scene and the viewer feels nothing because death doesn't mean death.
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Rei > Asuka
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kaworu > both
>the viewer feels nothing

speak for yourself

the most impactful scene imo

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Goblin Slayer: Year one LN is announced.
Shingo Adachi is the illustrator.

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Like a prequel story when he was starting out?
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Looks like it. Hope its a decent into Goblin Slaying madness. With small victories and setbacks that have collateral. Maybe a mentor too ? Culminating with him finally donning his armor.
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>Hot-blooded rage gets beaten down into cold meticulous murderous autism

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Is this the worst representation of video games in anime?
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Looks like your standard deer focused RPG

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>final arc is trying to make a baby EGAO
I prefer Reira as a longhair shota.
Now reira is a girl.

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Azusa, step back you're hogging all the screen space.
Based mobile poster
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What can't Diana do?
That really was a nice post, anon. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to dignify it. Why, you may ask? Well, I must inform you that in the span of glancing at your post, I have ejaculated about five times to a rather enthralling hentai called ‘Emergence’. The way the hentai depicts the gradual process of a virgin becoming a cum dumpster really made me erect. Hell, I haven’t gotten that aroused since Anton Yelchin’s death. Anyways, this girl gets raped by her drunk father and has sex with all the boys at school. Now, these parts were perfectly fappable, but the real fun starts when she gets bullied and ostracised from her class. Her downward spiral of drugs and prostitution eventually leads to her becoming a mere shadow of a human being. In her last dying moments as a pregnant prostitute, she dreams of a future with her (would be) daughter. Instead of getting to live that future, she dies alone in a cold room. I swear that last scene will always bring me to ecstasy. Now, if you really want to get my attention, you must commit yourself to reading such refined works as I do. Only then can I consider you my intellectual equal.
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>MC saves the day

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Which would you choose?
Get a harem of lolis but have to be good and heroic and all that bullshit?
Be completely "self sufficient" by being the loli yourself and be as ruthless as you can be?
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Sitting in my comfy chair and watching anime for the rest of my life.
>desconstructed the isekai genre by showing that in a real case scenario, a tourist who just arrived in a new world is bound to suffer a lot of cultural shock.
But this is what Muv Luv did too. Takeru signs up for the army thinking it'll be a blast to operate giant robots, then realizes that being a hair's breadth away from death really sucks, and also he gets treated like shit by his squadmates for being squeamish about CPR and the dead weight dragging the squad down, and also he can't understand all the nippon banzai being thrown around. Half of Muv Luv was spent being a fish out of water.

>What's more is that there is a high percentage that the place he just arrived on is highly xenophobic and might hunt him down for being strange.
Takeru got thrown in prison, interrogated, and threatened with torture because he had no official identification and may have been an American spy, demonstrating the difficulties of doing anything without a legal identity.
Are the translation of Mushoku Tensei LN version V7 yet?

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ITT: Characters who are desired by someone who's a lot hotter than they are
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Koma-chan is hottest, mate.
Don't use emoticons on /a/.
I don't have any rararagi-San pictures on me atm

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