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Where will you be when the Megumi wins the Soma.

You know, unless executive meddling forces an Erina win.
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But Megumi doesn't wants the dick.
megumi is for prostitution
Takumi has more chance of winning than Megumi.

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Spoilers imminent. In the meantime post what you think will happen in the volume-ending chapter.
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It will end with Eren slapping Armin, or them glaring at each other, or some sort of tension being brought to fruition.
I want AM to be happy together.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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This just might be an Urara thread.
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I just wish the meme raws faggot would encode his shit faster.
Did you miss that it's already out?
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2 urara threads and both OPs had the urges to make them more or less at the same time. Coincidence? I don't think so. We have succesfully synchronized periods.

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Season 2 when?
whoops wrong song

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It's now time

[Side Innkeeper] (Wow...!!?)
[Side Nonko] You see, you see!!
[Side Oboro] Hm, I see, so that's what you.......

49: Sagiri-san and maiden secrets
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Checking another manga now. Gimme a minute
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Snow again...

[Right] Chisaki has realized her own feelings, is she going to act...!?
...I can't just keep things... like this


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Why was the last thread pruned?
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It has peaked in shitposting

I miss jojo threads from 2010, now it's just pure underage reddit shit
like i know
Draw and post your favorite Stand in under three minutes
Because it was full of horrible crap, and it's for the best.

How about we post good stuff instead? Fan-content that we really like. I'm a huge fan of Kotteri's stuff for instance, she draws really beautiful cartoony faces and bodies that are brimming with expression.

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So when goku fights uub at the world tournament, its not canon considering he would not need to fight that poo in the loo since he would be a joke?
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Citation needed. We have no idea the power levels of those characters at the end of Z.

Goku also wants to train him to get him stronger.
Use the catalog retard >>153107987
That's because that will be shown to be a different universe, along with GT. It'll be destroyed too.

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>Kingdom Hearts Manga's Amano Launches Series About RPG Party of Women Around 30

If this does well maybe we could expect an anime in the future.
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>Beta MC
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sugoi sugoi (2).jpg
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This is Snark. Say something nice about her.
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I like her claws.
She has pretty hair

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So can we all agree that this anime is shit and that the short scenes with the purple haired chief warden are the only reason to watch it due to her undeniable best-girl status?

also why isn't there more porn of the green haired trap?
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pic related
I also just read that she has blue hair and apparently I'm colourblind
Thanks japan
If you ever need to defuse a bomb anime might have just saved your life

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Arc hasn't even really started yet and it's already better than Future Trunks.

Believe in the Ayy lmao
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anything is better than Future Trunks
First for brolyfags tears
>implying the U6 tournament was better

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Things seem to be picking up fast.
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>no dump
Here we go, fag.
They are so incredibly, incredibly fucked.
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Also there was an interview apparently:

Shirai apparently worked for some company after graduating university. He said it had nothing to do with manga at all and that this is his first time being a real mangaka (or rather manga author).

He was about to give up after several of his scripts got trashed and told himself that he wasn't talented. He regretted it and called his latest attempt "The Promised Neverland" which was also meant to be his last try as a Mangaka and was written 3 years ago. He wrote 300 pages, because he was unable to properly summarise it and naturally a lot of things were changed from his original script. His intention was just to know if this last attempt was any good or trash like his previous ones. Newcomers usually don't bring 300 pages to such a evaluation meeting, because it's absurd. When Demizu encountered Shirai he read the whole script at once. He would usually get bored midway when he read scripts, but this time - all 300 pages - were so entertaining that he couldn't stop. Back then (well even now if you don't count TPN) Shirai was a nobody, so it was hard to trick Jump into giving the Duo a chance, but Demizu believed in Shirai's talent. Shirai planned back then to let someone else draw it. Shirai himself can draw, but the editor felt like it didn't do the script justice and that it would be too hard to expect Shirai to keep up the quality of the writing and draw it.

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>thinks having multiple waifus is disgusting
>thinks harem endings means everyone is happy
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>thinks chickens are real people
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But harem endings do mean everyone is happy if the MC can give love equally to each of them.
But then why can't anon give love equally to each of his waifus?

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>I've chosen the soil for the likes of you
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> Entire plot wrapped up in a drama CD after the anime
Goddammit Square Enix.
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I am not convinced humans are capable of love.
I suspect it's all a grand big lie, to make people feel guilty about failing to live up to what's expected of them and thus behave like good couples.
You will have to prove that.
If what you're saying is true then all those couples are actually lying. You'd think there would be a couple of couples that went and exposed this lie a long time ago.

Also if love is a grand big lie, does it really change anything? It just means that you should rephrase the OP's question as
>can girls maintain a public facade of a good relationship and pretend they care for each other and aren't just using each other as a masturbatory aid

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