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Already a thread >>153093681
But Raditz killed the farmer while Goku didn't.

Why didn't Taki and Mitsuha notice the dates on their phones whenever they body swap?
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Lord of the Religious Allusions
Forced drama.

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tsukahara ss.jpg
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Which anime has the best swimsuit design?
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Keijo swimsuit.png
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Amagami is great but Keijo is sportier.
aren't they all the same?
Until Pro leagues at least, when everyone switches over to trashy-looking swimsuits.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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They're still with that guy? When are the moving on to Kakashi's novel?
Naruto is good
If it's really good, I'll appreciate it, but I usually care more about what's happening than how it looks.

Pretend you're a fansubber for a minute. How would you translate the incredulous "HAAH" noise in this clip?

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Depends on the target language but leaving it as-is could work out
Just replace it with a surprised gasp.

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I know it was sort of popular fan theory to say that Vegeta would become the new God of Destruction, but I don't think that's what's going to happen at all in light of recent events.
Keep in mind that Beerus usually sleeps for centuries at a time and only wakes up for a little while to destroy things. This time he only slept for about 20 years and has been awake ever since watching Goku and Vegeta. I think one day he'll snap and go on a destruction rampage and have to be killed. Since the Supreme Kai (guardian of life) and the GoD are tied, when Beerus dies, so will Supreme Kai. Goku and Vegeta will have to take their places. We all knew this would happen, but here's where I think things will change. Goku has been shown to be absurdly selfish and destructive, only looking for the next fight. He'll take the mantle of GoD and behave just like Beerus, a mad man looking for the next strongest fighter. Vegeta, who time and time again this series has been shown to value life until straight up refusing training for his soon-to-be child, will become the Supreme Kai and guard life from Goku.

What does /a/ think of this?
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That's retarded. Goku would hate to be hakaishin. He's not allowed to fight because that would destroy the universe they're in.

Vegeta makes the most sense because he has the power and the mental capacity to do it. Whis would have to put down Goku permanently if he somehow became hakaishin.
>using weeb terms

Anon...it's time to stop.
Use the catalog retard >>153093681

Are you fags ready for the bully to become the bullied?
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The fuck is she? She doesn't appear at all in the manga.
Is she OC?
I wan to _tap_ her.
She does appear in the manga. She even appeared in the first episode of the anime. She is Gab's classmate who looks up to her. Since she is dumb and doesn't know about how Gabu has become a lazy piece of shit in the human world she comes to earth and assume Satania has corrupted her. Satania takes advantage of this to bully her

Satania has gotten more than enough pity attention lately. Time to remember who the real best girl is.
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Generic shit.

Just like what came out of YOUR MOTHER
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Just no lewds of my wife, please.

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Sucy swamp.png
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Make requests and you'll get art (maybe). It's how things roll.
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aho girl hair ref.jpg
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Requesting a hairstyle chart of Yoshiko from Aho Girl.
File: Yami_profile.png (304KB, 576x641px)Image search: [Google]
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Requesting something humorous with Captain Yami from Black Clover as if he were an Isekai hero.
Requesting Meiko and Sophia in a purple version of Meiko's school uniform staring at each other in a confused manner.

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You should be able to solve this.
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New York City
America's a continent though.

Two if you count the spiclands to the south.

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mari & kaede.png
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Little lolis are for big hugs!
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Why was S3 such garbage if it adapted the best chapters? Why couldn't Dogakobo continue adapting it?
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>big hugs
With benefits?
You mean fugs.

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Who has the best butt in anime?
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mikan bath desire.jpg
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Mikan butts.jpg
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Downright ridiculous.
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mikan pantsus tlr.jpg
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>girls are delicious
>protagonist is an infuriating limp-dicked loser

Why is this allowed?
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Oh btw a new chapter is out
>recognizes a sexy back when she sees it
Yep, Granat is still the finest pick of the pack. Were Hime not the designated main love interest Sato should have started breeding that pussy with earnest.
Use Yandex. Artist name is Maybe.

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Precure Thread
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Ichika is dating Aoi? Cute!
when will cat and dog join?

Probably in episodes 4 and 5 unless they delay one joining like they did with Karen or Kirara.

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>Protagonist is a NEET
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with no survivors.jpg
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>OP makes a Mokou thread
>except they're a fake NEET
File: NEET life.jpg (105KB, 640x684px)Image search: [Google]
NEET life.jpg
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