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In / a / almost all the time one rate any anime as shit, but at least we need a consensus of what is truly the worst anime ever made
Some points to evaluate
> Story (If is a adaptation, only of the adapted Vols).
> How many QUALITY scenes have.
> VA and soundtrack.
> Popularity (Have a tiny or nonexistent fans-base in 4chan, 2chan or any site)
Please don't start writing the name of some popular series (For example Monogatari series, Re: zero, SAO, SnK) i know this series are shit for some peoples, But there are worse series like pic related.
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Strike Witches Dubbed

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When's the 3rd season for this show coming out?
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After endless 8 haruhi can rot in the deepest pit of hell for all I care, literally unforgivable
by the power of dubs it shall be done
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Has there ever been a better non-sexual best girl?
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Too bad all the claymores were non sexual due to having their sex organs ripped out. Otherwise some of them would of been super sexual and she would not have been best girl.

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connie confirmed for doggo
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Amanda bump
So when is Diana going to quit with the charades and confess to Akko?
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akko tarts.jpg
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Reminder that Diana haters are all from /mlp/.
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Why are mahou shoujo characters always so sexy?
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It's the silly outfits.
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Yachiyo has NO sex appeal.

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I want to cum on her eyebrows

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You should pay Mami-san a visit anon. She will enjoy the company and even cook a delicious meal for you.
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>ignorant whore who will try to shill you into becoming a magical girl without knowing the consequences and what you really become
No thanks.
Yeah!, why the fuck no?
I'll head there right now.

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so im skimming through amazon since i havent been on it for a while and i see this on there. now i know goro miyazaki is not his father but is it any good? im considering watching given the slim chance that he may get some of that magic rubbed off from his father... at least im hoping. let me know what are your thoughts on it and if i should consider watching it
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Check out a trailer first, it uses CGI and it looks kind of wonky. I mean, it's ok in places, but sometimes it's flat out weird looking.


I only watched the first episode so I can't comment on the quality of the story or characters.

I watched the live-action version of the story as a kid and really liked it
watched it when it was being broadcast

it's fine. retread of the usual Miyazaki stuff. CGI is bad but whatever

worth seeing

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Has he really become a menace to the universe with his battle lust?
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Honestly. Yes. He's even getting cocky against Beerus.
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>he was right all along

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>Mou ikkai~
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Not this one ?
Was thinking the same thing

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What are some of the greatest comebacks in anime?
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Wouldn't Anubis be the better comeback? The entire two parter was nothing but series of comebacks with Anubis ultimately fucking up.
He's making a football joke

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>no ACCA thread
It's effay, beautifully drawn (no fucking 3d), and has great and multifaceted characters. Pretty sure it's influenced by The Stranger too. Personally my favorite airing anime. Anyone else watching it or am I the only one
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Yeah, one of my top anime of the season. I really like the style of it. It's almost like I'm reading a Tintin comic.

I'd discuss it more but I'm going to bed.
the words just leap off the page

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>protagonist isn't weak and doesn't rely on his friends
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>protagonist can do anything at all
>Protag is a pathetic fag who lifts just for the sake of getting laid and his revenge.
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>protagonist doesn't fight for his friends

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I know GTO wasn't really popular in a lot of country, but i thought it could be interesting to talk about it.

Btw i recently found the raws of the 90's live action of GTO the early years
>pic related
and saw it had never been translated (only in russian), do you think it could interest any fansub team ?
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>I know GTO wasn't really popular in a lot of country

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