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We /u/ now.
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But dog is best bro, bros can't be /u/ so it's okay.
But double tsundere is the easiest to ship.

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jesus christ
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This meme magic.
At this point it's pretty much confirmed that it will outsell Love Live Sunshine.
i cant believe skating homos actually saved the anime industry

Would you have accepted the gold coin?
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I'm Jewish, so I believe I would.
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>tfw 385mb folder about Grimgar
>LNs are dead
>One thread per month

Just kill me already senpai
I just started the first episode and I can't handle all this cringe. Does it get better?

Who is this semen demon?
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I don't know but did the MC fuck the aunt yet?

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Rate or hate
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3/3 manga, 9/9 anime
Subtle bump
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3/3 anime, 0/0 manga since the only things I've actually read are jojo and junji ito
2.5/4, didn't like nichijou. The first half of psycho pass was pretty great but S2 nosedived really hard, so half credit there

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The eternal Amanda
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i like diana
post rare sucy eyes
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Gas the Dianafags

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Megumin's mother has magically locked you in a room with her 14-year-old daughter until morning after dropping a subtle hint that she wants some grandchildren

What do you do?
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Cast steal
Cast freeze on the door
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I'm trying to do some research on the influences in Taku Iwasaki's musical style, and other than the obvious electronica and jazz, does anyone know what the core influences of his classical/orchestral music style are?
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ask him on twitter.
It's a combination of Bernard Herrmann and Hans Zimmer. Iwasaki has two main types of orchestral music- that slow strings piece and the very ostinato-heavy power anthem. Iwasaki's wistful slow music is very Herrmann inspired, while his action music is Zimmeresque.

Herrmann and Iwasaki:


Zimmer and Iwasaki:


Do I really need to link the Zimmer examples? You should know what his music sounds like by now.

That being said, Iwasaki's orchestral range is so broad that he can do any type of style, whether it's the Barry/Mancini style for ROD or Williams brass for Yakitate Japan, but Zimmer and Herrmann form his roots. Like Herrmann and occasionally Zimmer, Iwasaki is also very experimental when it comes to orchestration and sound design, so it's no surprise he would follow their footsteps.

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Carol is never getting introspection
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Where is NTR-man when you need him

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So is Zenigata gay for Lupin, or what?
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They're frenemies.

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what the fuck was her problem?
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mean on the outside mean in the inside.
Look at her fucking face
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nothing wrong with her face

OP/ED Thread

Post great OPs/EDs.

Season's obligatory:


And my picks:



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80's, 90's nostalgia thread.
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I wonder what anime is that because that sword whip is cool as fuck. I've been wanting to make one for my OCs if anything.
Looks like Iria Zeiram

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>yfw Alpha Omega Nova from Luluco is based off of Kaworu
>yfw they describe Alpha Omega Nova as a nothingling and is literally trash eye candy for girls to swoon over

At least Alpha Omega Nova was interesting, and becomes a character
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The should have done the little witches a favor and left him there a little longer so some of them have something to swoon over in their tacofest of a world.
I really hope Sucy mentions that she gave mushrooms to a gun girl or something
Why is he getting his dick sucked so hard in rebuilds?

Holy crap, did anyone else wish they had a little kid after watching the latest episode? Kobayashi taking Kanna-chan shopping was comfy as fug.
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Everyone on /a/ would instant rape Kanna.
someone can't differentiate lewd lolis and huggin lolis

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