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Just read this, thoughts on it ?

And who was worst girl ?Obviously not Emiru who is best
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Good ending. But fuck that haircut in the last chapter.
NTR-chan was best
>cheating whore
No. Boobs too big too.

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Cutest little terrorist.

New QUEENS chapter:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JHsGSr1nc2bKURYWdHdWGLmCJ3kph1NnE3Orlrqcqsc/edit?usp=drive_web
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So what were everyone's thoughts on the chapter?

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The female lead from the last series you watched is to is now pregnant with your child, wants to keep and expects you to take responsibility. How fucked are you?
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Serval from Kemono Friends. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
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Oh geez.

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You know what time it is, /a/. It's game time.

>best player
>best team
>best match
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> sena vs eyeshield 21
love this series it was fun to read , but america arc and panther + america team was super weak and was lame
>best player
>best team
>best match

What's going on in this image?
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Second purest form of love.
Just a little nib-nib.
I want to sniff the snow bitch's ice sweat

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>clumsy retard
Shit taste
>shy, short hair, nice body, megane
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Is this the first thread for the series?Can't find anything on archive.

>Megane best girl
You are god-damn right

First chapter for anyone that needs to develop better taste

There's this thread >>153096931
Which would be a better place to discuss this, really.

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Can we talk about the absolute kino, perfect writing of Kill la Kill? Trigger truly left no plot holes, and clearly planned out every detail far in advance.
For example, let's look at these character designs. Obviously, they're far more revealing than the previous ones, because only covering part of the body while making the uniform entirely out of life fibers was the most efficient method, similar to the Kamui showcased throughout the series. Truly attention to detail.
tl;dr: Kill la Kill was an 11/10 masterpiece of Japanimation, and you are a shitlord if you disagree.
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>Can we talk about the absolute kino
I want to talk about Kino!
but we've been doing that for the past 5 years
I know this is low-tier bait but the staff just threw shit together. Barely anything was planned or thought ahead in detail.

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I want to buy a music box of Lilium, theme song of Elfen Lied. There are many around on Ebay but I'm unsure which to buy. Prices range from about $10 to $15 and they're from Hong Kong. But I also found a small one for just $4 called 'DIY', not sure how that is.

Has anyone bought one of them? Are they good?
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DIY means do it yourself
I know that, but I don't know what that means in the context of a music box. I've never had a music box before
Probably that its hand made

Or you gotta put it together yourself

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So is he gonna fuck everything over?
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No, he already did it.

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Where the fuck is 104 and up
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translated or raw?
boku girl ended, though i'm sure you can find them somewhere deep in the archives

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I have been using Windows Media Player for a while and want to know if there are any better options.
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MPC-HC or mpv. Hell, even VLC is a decent option these days.

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What's your favorite op/ed?

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I really want to get into RoTK, and I'm searching what would be the best version to read/watch/play apart from reading the novel.

I've seen that Ravages of Time is supposedly pretty good, but I've also read that it's a different approach than usual. There's also Sangokushi, although that has a pretty old artstyl, and Souten Kouro though I've read it isn't that good.

There's also the Chinese drama, which looks pretty good. Anyone have an opinion on what's the best way to go?
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Go with Ravages of Time. After first few rough volumes, art becomes 10/10.
Is it a good introduction to it all though? I've read that it shines when you compare it to most conventional interpretations.
Watch the chinese drama. And just read the damn novel so you're less of an illiterate pleb.

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Anime burg?
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one last try. akame ga kill thread what could have made the anime better/manga also why is esdeath so perfect.
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Can Not Be Beat.jpg
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Perfect cocksleeve. I bet under her tough shell she's a whore, waiting for a strong man to come and pick her up and fuck her senseless
Since both are finished

anime > manga
As an Esdeath fag, I would've done this

>Add elements of a dilemma for the main character by having night raid look just as much cold hearted murderers as the jaegers.
>Make him seriously consider doing a Suzaku and try to change the empire from within by joining the jaegers.
>His presence changes some of the villains view on the capital.
>Change the capital to a every man for himself city rather than a the rich rape the poor city.
>Nightraid treat the MC like an evil person despite not doing anything wrong just by simply being on the other side.
>Character development with people reconsidering their actions
>Esdeath the only one refusing to change her sadistic nature, but doesn't care much what happens to the capital, as long as she gets to Darwin everyone.
>MC can find away around her by using her obsession over him, very discreetly giving a seemingly unstoppable OP Esdeath a weakness.
>But he actually starts to like her and tolerates her sadistic ways to an extent.
>But him being revealed as a former night raid member forces him to flee the jaegers and the now impregnated Esdeath.

Just cringe fic I know, but I can dream.

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