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Do you believe that Gappy will unlock Killer Queen or at least its exploding bubble gimmick in the near future? I want to see him ride two SHAs like roller skates
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Idk what to believe at this point anon.
but I hope so
He already has exploding bubbles.
Sea Dock Attack is on the way
>BtD bubble soon
screencap this post
I know because my cousins stepfather that works at Nintendo knows tanaka from the it deparment that knows akira from luckyland says its true

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Is it lewd for boys to combine with girls?
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The translations for this are slow. Also anime when
You mean the translations are nonexistent. An ESL did two chapters then stopped, and it's licensed now so nobody else will touch it.

Anime in like a year maybe.
Is there any point to care about Jin stuff if he isn't doing music

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>Your Name
Wins some awards, highest grossing anime film ever, most worldwide recognition of any non-Ghibli anime film, signaled a new era in which people will focus on other anime films besides Ghibli, made 2016 the highest earning year in Japanese box office history

>In This Corner of the World
Wins most awards, most critically lauded Japanese film of the year, most loved film by the general audience and cinephiles, broke the reception barrier between live-action and animation in Japan, highest grossing film of the year for Tokyo Theatres.

>A Silent Voice
Nominated for a few awards, earns a lot of money of which the studio profits the most, supported by the government, shown in schools and actual birth certificates made from the film, highest grossing film of the year for Shochiku

Literally nothing
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>highest grossing film of the year for Tokyo Theatres.

But that's still Your Name too.
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No shit. Its a movie for an otaku LN series which requires context to go see. The others are actual films.
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Why is Keit-Ai the film Your Name now?
Is this the Mandela effect at work?

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Shinji did nothing wrong
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He drove Asuka crazy by ignoring her.
He also did nothing right
Bitch was crazy before

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Why are idols sofa king cute?
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I prefer them a little younger.
Make that a lot younger.
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Just don't go too young.
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What's wrong with a little age, anon?

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Is Akarin too sexy for a middle schooler?
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Just sexy enough.
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I-is there any fanart of adult Akarin
I want to see her as a mature and busty woman
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drinking two.jpg
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See the other yryr thread

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Would Naruto have been better if Kakashi didn't show up in this scene?
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hopefully because all three main characters would have probably died.

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I wonder how Yuuji grew up to be such a shit by the time he was 17 when he was so cute and likable as a 10 year old.
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>Op start a potential good Thread
>Op fucks up with a retarded question

why even try?!
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Kazuki is always cute. She was cute as a child and she is still as cute as an adult.
Huh? What's so retarded about my question...

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This is a thread for friends.
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Didn't realise the manga was over too. Guess it is just the anime still standing.
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Serval is the very definition of an alpha.
I think I have figured out how the sandstar works. What is really going on is that the sandstar grants anyone's deepest wish. Of course everyone's deepest darkest wish is to be a cute anime girl so all the animals were transformed. It is my guess that Bag chan was probably some fat 30 year old otaku before waking up in Japari Park.

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Why did he have to die, exactly?
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He didnt, Kishimoto just wanted to make us hate Pain so he could end up as a redemption story
cheap drama to make Naruto suffer and understand what is like to lose someone close to you.
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So Deku's father is working abroad
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I can see why.
Prolly cucking her with way hotter women.
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>He met mitsuki on the job, and she hit on him very aggressively

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Finally an OTP I can encourage for.
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I want to rape her.
Wait for your turn

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Valentine's Day thread.

Keep this bumped until the time zones converge and everyone can share their pics with their waifu.
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There is a valentines thread already, use catalog.
One is for Shingeki no Kyojin and the other doesn't specifically talk about taking pictures with your waifu.
Is it already Valentines Day in US? What time is it over there?

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And why is it my lawfully-wedded wife Irisviel von Einzbern?

>inb4 fuck off kerry

I remarried her.
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>subject in name field
Fuck off, newfag.

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First time I cried over a manga, am I a faggot?
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It is 100% normal to cry over a manga. But you're still a big cocksucking faggot.
If its because Bokurano, I approve of your tears.

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