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I was walking around and I see this under a bridge. I ask you, has anime gone too far?
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Whose eyes are those eyes?
Better than nigger gang tags
Not far enough, I want to see that on buildings, not under some shitty bridge.

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"Did you hear about what happened to Kusanagi, Yagami, Yabuki and transfer student Crimson? That crazed firebug dash-something tried to take out the police station and they went back in to rescue officer Miki. I heard they're in the local right now for 2nd degree burns. Sanae didn't show up today either. I wonder how Mrs. Moriya's taking things...?"


> it begins

>it's a "Sekizan comes out of nowhere" episode
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He probably can run very fast, I don't know.

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the new isekai.png
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Which series does "historical figures in one big battle royale" the best?
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Are you for fucking real?
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Why does every series have to butcher the figures. Can't they just play it straight and have them look and act like the historical figures? To answer the question Fate is the best of those 4 but they're all shit.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
I want to make Koume my wife!
morning Koume <3

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Why is Romeo Tanaka considered as a good writer?
This guy is worse than Uro Urobutcher.
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No eroge writers are good. None. This is known
Urobuchi makes entertaining shows.
Only moogydrones care about romeo

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>There's an endless amount of anime I haven't watched yet
>Watch Umaru again instead
How do I fix myself?
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Watch Acchi Kocchi.
commit sudoku
Kill yourself.

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When is Season 4 coming out?
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Before season 5
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Beaches and shores.jpg
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Also, this one was just a cheerful girl who loved beach and the sea. Press something to pay respects.
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Why would you make anime based of mobile games?
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Better yet. Why would you make anime based on a mobile game and fill the main cast with characters no one cares about?
To Jew more people out of their money.
Anime is advertisement, mobile games make a lot of money

How can someone be so smug while just drinking tea?
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>WW1 about to start
>Joins the military instead of waiting until adulthood and leaving for the USA

Could have been on the ground floor of making great profits selling arms to stupid Europeans fighting each other.

Is he a baka?
Mages are conscripted. At least watch the show before posting.
Conscripted at adulthood, at which point the war would be over and he could join the thousands of other German migrants moving to the USA.

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If /a/ would create an anime, what would it be and why?

No phones allowed, please.
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yotsuba shitposting on the internet
A guy falls in love with a girl
...in a world where the telephone was never invented...

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Can other vampire loli hags even compete?
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araragi shinobu stand.jpg
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___________________________________________________They can't.__________________________________________
Non-loli Shinobu is gutter trash though
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fuck lolis

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baka na imouto.png
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Help! My sister is incredibly stupid. What should I do to make her smart?
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Insert dick in imouto.
Turned her into a nihilist with a wicked sense of humor.
Don't buy her geimu

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This has been easily the biggest waste of time of my life. What a fucking boring piece of shit.
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Fight me in real life
I agree, nothing happens and the are too many lesbian undertones.
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I'm sorry, but you're incorrect.

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I really liked the end, and the pacing in general.
Who is your favorite character?
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Akari Amanchu.
>Who is your favorite character?
This delicate flower.

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