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Rate each individual episode and discuss why you like or dislike it.
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They were all pretty decent and I liked them because they have cute girls doing cute things
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You don't encourage discussion by making everyone post a list of meaningless numbers that nobody will read of give a FUCK about.
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I am glad my favorite witch is featured in every episode so far.

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Shows ruined by their MCs
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Watched it for Miwa Shirou expecting nothing more

Enjoyed it for every other character except the MC AND Miwa Shirou

Everything went better than expected

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>i-it's not a naked child you guys
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>sexualizing the puck
You are the sick pervert.
>sexualizing the puck
how would you even fuck that? unless she(it) can stretch a lot you couldn't even do that.
Puck is a male, never even hinted as otherwise. Have you even read berserk?

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Ive been trying to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure uncensored because i just want to see the differences between the two and how accurate the uncensored version is to the original manga.
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Kirino stop this.
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thanks aniki

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The fuck is this shit
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I'm going to go with awesome

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> how would you spend it...
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Don't date military.
obviously Fuck her till she breaks.
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Lieri is a lewd version of Murrue?

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So, based on this latest GITS live action movie trailer, how much have they fucked up so far in straying from the original source material, and how badly have they overlooked/ignored/missed the inital message/moral that the GITS anime and manga attempted to convey?

I have not read the manga, but did watch the original animated films and most of the first season of the anime series...

Based on from what I took off them, and based on the dialogue shown in this latest trailer for the this live action film, I'm guessing that this new movie has missed (or ignored) the actual message/point that GITS aimed to give...

TL;DR - Based on latest GITS trailer, how badly do you think Hollywood misunderstood (or purposely overlooked) the actual point of what GITS generally aimed to have it's audience think about and/or ask themselves?
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didnt look, but it wouldnt shock me. the whole point of GitS is that no matter what you do to the body, the soul is still the soul. western shit would never allow that kind of backwards superstition in our glorious secular humanist paradise where the only rule holding you back from doing anything you desire is what others will let you do. they would insist that artificial intelligence is exactly the same as humans because it's all just electricity.

Let's la cooking!
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Himari's design is very unprecure. She looks like she should be from Doremi or Jewelpet or something.
What is "very precure"? Every season they look different

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i hope /a/ is thinking men's board
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no its the tea drinking, cake eating, little girls board

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How do you feel when your waifu is killed by plot?
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just i wanna fuck her again

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Is Turn A Gundam just Five Star Stories for faggot plebs?
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More like the Gundam where everything made no fucking sense.
No? What a stupid comparison you fucking moron.
I don't know. I couldn't keep watching after the first 8 episodes put me to sleep. Still Yoko Kanno's best music but I can't watch such a boring show.

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Let's talk Dowman Sayman
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What's he working on right now?
I've only read Voynich Hotel and Nickelodeon anything else I should check out?
Anime never

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Somebody understood something has higurashi no naku koro ni
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This is an English board.

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>Japanese born harem girl has large breasts
>European harem girl is completely flat
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>differences don't exist between individuals of a given population
>all individuals of a given population must adhere to the stereotype based on the average of the population
but the AV's actresses are quite stacked aren't they?
>European haremette is a blonde twin tailed tsundere who is a head shorter than the other girls.

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