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I found out about this after finishing GTO and it's great. Watched Junk Boy which is in the same style and now I want more. Why is there just 6 episodes, /a/?
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>Why is there just 6 episodes, /a/?
You don't need more than 6 episodes of that.
Because the manga chapters after that 6 episodes, is pretty surreal. Really wished i hadn't check out.

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open the door, see a girl
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she had the worst boyfriend

>fuck a dude that just fucks you because he's mad at you not because you're a thicc goddess.
Fuck this impure slut
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Close the door, walk away

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ITT: Images you'd make an anime out of.
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What would it be about?

Let's solve this once and for all: Alsace belongs to ______
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Alsace Lorraine belongs to the Germans
Eleonora is literally completely perfect in every way.
Tigre and his heirs

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Best girl needs you right now in this moment!

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Imagine what her reaction would be to Yung Lean.

Is this /a/ now or what?
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>chose one
>{"success":"failed","errors":[["Please check the box or enter the text seen above."]]}
you misspelled makina nanoyosa

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I hope that you are having a wonderful year so far faggots. It’s already V/a/lentine’s in China, so let’s get this shit started. The collage will be made by me, and the video will be a certain special someone back from the dead.

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio (not doing so will make it harder for me and make your submission look shittier).
-Your submission should be about your waifu. Nothing more. Nothing less.
-Also, put some effort in your submission, please. Your waifu would like to be presentable, you know? Treat her like the special girl she is.
-Have fun!

Deadline will be sometime during the morning of the 15th. Let’s just say something like February 15th 3 AM PST for now. But you shouldn't wait until last minute anyways, right anon?

Ganbatte my lovely anons; I expect good things from you. And always remember, your waifu is beautiful!
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Thanks for the work man. I hope we'll have good submissions this year as well.
Don't know I'll be able to do my shrine this year, but I hope you all have a great time.
No thanks, I don't have brain damage.

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Imouto time!
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Imouto an instant best, no contest.
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What's the next step of her master plan
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Press F for the mixtape of the year.

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Mai's himes are the best
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Yeah, I tried one of these threads during the weekend, went about as well as this one.
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I love Mai!
Used up slut from the 00's.

so i'm going to japan in two weeks, but i haven't been keeping up to date with anime as much as i'd have liked for a while because i've been working my ass off studying. i'm going to take a few days to binge a bunch of shit so i can be up to date when i go, so i don't get a new favourite show when i come back and have missed the chance to buy merch.
i just finished love live, what else should i be watching?
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>love live
BanG Dream
love live sunshine

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Anime archetypes.jpg
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If /a/ were a cute girl archetype? What would it be? What about the other boards?
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That graphic is missing one: the retard.

Dojikko would also work.

In some cases, bifauxnen.

Left or right?
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>doesn't check filename
left is to be dominated
right is to bully

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When you watch anime, how can you tell that the characters aren't actually watching porn but hentai?
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Man, that's an old reaction image. That anime was shit

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Hello /a/ I am posting this here because it's more anime related then hentai, but I found this old disc called Ninja Love with badly done animation and voice acting in a china town dvd store.

What is the worst anime related bootleg you've ever found?
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Bless that dace OP
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>>153419327 It's right before a sex scene too

>watches lovelive back then
>finds it a bit enjoyable
>watches it again in a marathon along with sunshine
>notices how bad everything is

I really can't believe this got so popular. Original LoveLive has one of the worst dramas i could see, awful missed opportunities to expand the world of the lovelive competition, more than half of the songs released during the anime are trash, and the characters are bland as fuck.

And while Sunshine has much better songs overall, the anime is almost worse than the original one. It's was so busy sucking Muse's dick that the anime felt shallow most of the times. Also fuck that final episode.

Does anyone else have this problem with the show? It feels like the fanbase will eat anything this show throws as long it panders to them with their shitty pairings
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>watching idolshit
>watches it again in a marathon along with sunshine
this was your mistake.

Some anime are just not suitable to be marathoned. Slice of life, or whatever you want to label idol shows as, often has repetitive jokes and cuteness. That's fine if you only watch one episode a week thinking, "haha, as expected of Honoka, so cute."
If you watch it in one go you'll soon roll your eyes, "Oh god, they just made the same joke 5 times within barely more than an hour, I get it already!"
Lucky Star, NNB, Hidasketch, Aria, Windy Tales are very easy to marathon, because unlike Love Live they're good

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urobuchi gen.jpg
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Does the Urobutcher use his "childhood trauma" to justify his sadistic fantasies? Is he right to do so?
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Gen did nothing wrong
Maybe he just knows what people like.
>Only one protagonist character died in Psycho-Pass
>Rebellion had a death count of negative 3
Butcher my ass.

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