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Does she have a bathroom inside her chest too?
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Are you autistic? Why do you keep posting these threads?
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someone must have made a thread about it a while ago, ending up triggering his rage for the series and then making joke threads about it.

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How can a girl be so perfect?
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>drunk older sister/friend/teacher

I've never seen that before
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completely original character
>fairy tail
Kill yourself, plebbit.

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It's shit. I'm not surprised
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So that means no chance of Animeshit replacing Capeshit and normies ruining another hobby for me. Good.

>We want the Marvel Cinematic Universe
This. I can't wait for it to flop. I don't know why the Jews at Hollywood keep trying to ruin anime.

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strong mugi.jpg
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>Tsumugi is gentle and quiet and as result she is not good at ball games and track-and-field athletics.
>However, she has a lot of arm strength and amazing hand grip.

>She is a very strong girl.

Mugi can probably protect, therefore she is best girl.
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Who would win in an armwrestling match?
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mugi will fuck your shit up.jpg
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I think she just answered your question

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I'll never forget last night, Sakura-san.
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Wouldn't Ahagon become mad?
I easily recognize this just from the first frame now.

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Black Magic?
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How rude.
They are Argentinians and white to boot.
Loo Magic
racist anon ?

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Rei you dog
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Non penetrative intercourse.webm
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How doesnt an almost adult guy know how to puke?
I mean really, what the hell.
Rei can barely take care of himself

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Why is your favorite series your favorite desu? Subtext? Action? Writing? Tits?

Pic related, I like this for all four.
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I just really like space napoleon
go on
cute butt

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Is Unit 01 supposed to be like a gorilla?

What the fuck was with that stance once it went berserk?
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>blocks your path
he reverts to a primal state of thinking
It's supposed to be spooky and uncanny because that's its natural state, essentially what happens when you put a human soul in an angel's body.

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Post traumatic and unnecessary deaths.

I'll start.

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....Just kidding.

Akira thread.
Chronicleman did nothing wrong.
Kei > Kaori in the waifu wars

Kei is pure of heart while Kaori is a slut

this is Asuka
she's a grown up
so look at her
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>bd rip
>not realplayer file

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1406359079207 (2).jpg
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What is this face trying to convey?
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The pleasure of being cummed inside.

By a horse

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look at this man just fucking look at this

this is beautiful

gimme anime with HEROES OF LOVE
g. gundam thread now that we're at it what an amazing uplifting show
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I wish Allenby had been included in a menage a troi of shining fingering.
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>tfw no girls like Rain IRL
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I used to fap pretty hard to Rain.

Did Fate just create a Sith Saber clone? Thanks Grand Order
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Before the usual fags show up to shit on the franchise because of this, keep in mind this is Heroine X Alter. Heroine X was a joke version of Seiba created for an april's fools parody flash game.
Contain your autism and don't go apeshit over joke characters. Else you might as well go apeshit over Carnival Phantasm

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his art is top tier but his plot are a total mess after the 1st arc. if only he could get a proper writter Nisio X OG! when???
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aiki reaction.jpg
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>Nisio X OG!
>Tako rips off Aya's face to see if his love is real
>Realizes no, she has no redeeming features other than her looks

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