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>Suiryu is going to fight the monsters
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>Suiryu is going to do something that isn't fucking me
Fuck off
>Oneshots jobbermons
>Drops Choze and Volten but takes a hit doing so
>Bakuzan eats a seed and takes on Suiryu while Bang shows up to fight Gouketsu

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This manga would be better without the harem antics. The Mai-Kuni-Reika love triangle was enough and it's not like any other girl has a chance.
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Also, reminder every girl is best girl.
Sure but Reina is the bestest.

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Nee boya, wanna /ss/?
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Dating the underage is illegal though.
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This is a thread I can get behind.

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Which part of anime girls interests you the most?
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The happy bits.
The personalities.
Hips/thighs desu

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What series do you think deserves a reboot?
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Urusei Yatsura done by Kyoani :^)
Don't use emoticons on /a/.
None of them

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Tell me everything that you love about Tohsaka Rin without using the letter A.
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Fucks old men for money
Old men, money, etc.

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A thread for us to understand what's happening to Evangelion. Here's something I found from Anno:

>Anno explained that the TV version of Rei was overwhelmingly more attractive because she was a mystery, however, by the time that the series was complete, she was known to the fans. In light of that, the movies opted to work more with Asuka and the fans caught on.

So what do we know happened? We know that

A - Despite what Anno suggests, Rei was FAR more popular than Asuka for more than a decade after NGE ended (and still is, if we consider just NGE)
B - Rei is a character that is more featured in the Rebuilds, and it is not possible that Anno could have worked more with Asuka

So what did the fans catch on to? It can't be the great character development of Asuka, because she's a pretty bad character in Rebuild. It can't be more screentime or focus.

Therefore, it can only be that they worked with Asuka to make her more popular, by erasing negative traits from the original depiction and adding new traits the old and new fans will like, increasing Asuka's fanbase. I'd argue that simultaneously, they've done the opposite to Rei. Not only have they directly attacked the mystery of Rei by forcing in answers to them, they've also deliberately chosen the answers that cater to Asuka fans - despite how these answers make no sense.

So isn't Anno full of shit here? He's clearly denying the part he's had in changing how popular these characters are. So this is why the rebuilds suck.
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I'm pretty sure Anno doesn't care too much about the popularity of individual characters.

He gives so few fucks about Eva that he made rebuild. He's just goofing around and not taking it seriously. It is no longer a character study but just some random action movies.
except it's not random, I agree it sucks but it's clearly favoring for instance kaworu or asuka over rei: >>153548299

plus what anno says makes no sense, as if he's trying to divert attention
who cares, they suck by default
go jerk it off to original series, like all sane people do

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It hurts
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That was a nice show.

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Hello friends
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One from left right. What's that?
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3x3 anime.jpg
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/a/ we have to talk
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What is it, K A I J U?
I don't know how that Hatsune Miku doll got under my bed, I swear.
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Dostedt my brostedt?

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Ey! Ya'll should back the fuck off! My homeboy Griff dindu no thang wrong, aight?
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Except for being gay.

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Is anyone still reading Black Clover? I just recently realized it's not cancelled yet. Is it any good now?
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it's fine manga but if you're asking this on /a/, I'm sure you already know the kind of response you'll be getting.
best shounen atm tbph
Never heard of it, I like the art style. Reminds me of Final Fantasy Amano's art and Bleach.

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>OVA announcement taken down from their website
>Special stage at AnimeJapan
are the rabbits dead, or do they have something up their sleeves?
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Just wait for the next volume, not enough things to adapt yet.
Dumb Chinoposter.
Taneda hasn't recovered yet

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Too bad I'm anonymous and I can't prove my autism

Chapter 027 Korean Scans
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how do we know that this is the right theory and not one found in 2ch, etc.?
Emma smiling and blushing makes me the happiest man in the world.
> reversed numbers increase consistently by about 30 per year
> 6 kids incoming per year in plant #3 of 5?
> <=30 years since shit started
> Isabella is 31 and was raised by the Grandmother herself
> 1600+ years worth of kids somehow farmed???

this theory is at best incomplete.

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ITT characters /a/ pretends to not like because of contrarianism
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