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Farlyn becomes a dragon
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The extra art is nice and comfi.
Its kinda easy to distinguish characters arent same species or gender.
I'm pretty sure it's a joke. But even so, Dungeon Meshi is good at avoiding sameface.

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Are we ready to see Buu rape some furry ass tonight /a/?

Also post >yfw
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>This is the typical Gohanfag


What is with DB youtubers and their fucking autismo thumbnails?
Thread is here


DBZ should have ended after this fight. The later chapters just cheapened Super Sayianism and the villain motivation ranged from: bored (the Androids), bored (Cell game) to insane and chaotic evil (Buu).
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Way to devalue Cell like that.
Cell is interesting because of his knowledge of the fighters. He knew how to get Vegeta to give into his demands, he knew how Trunks' inexperiance was the reason he lost and he knew Goku would be the best fight he could get.
The Cell Games was the Sayain Pride genetically implanted into him wanting him to see who the strongest on Earth was before destroying it and then more than likely doing it again on other Worlds.
Not to mention it was a good passing of the torch. Everything had been wrapped up from past to present and future. Gohan would protect Earth in Goku's stead and Goku could go off into the sunset.
...Then Jump's Editor's said 'NO! MORE MONEY!' then the Jump fans said 'Give me back Goku or I'll kill you' and we got Buu.
DBZ was never good
wasn't this how it was actually gonna end?

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Lolis are the miracle of animu aand you know it.
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Utena is not a lesbian.
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Micky is though
She got the big curry cock so she's bi
She didn't like it though.

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>something bad happens in manga
>stop reading and be upset for rest of day
How do you do it /a/?
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Read the next chapter and let it all pile up until I am done and then be depressed for a month because of overload.
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>manga ends
>be depressed forever
How do you do it /a/?
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>manga is cancelled

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>long straight black hair
>blue eyes
>amazingly curvy body in general
>sexy voice
>cares deeply about those close to her
>would be very loving in a relationsihp
>would probably make something out of an unproductive member of society
>is probably a beast in bed

Are the other girls even trying?
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There are so many great black haired girls and you pick a shitty one.
Show me a better one, senpai. I'll tell you why I consider Ume-sama to be better or admit defeat.
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>Are the other girls even trying?
I'm a Ume bro as well and to be fair, I think Shaga is probably as perfect as Ume. The only reason I like Shaga a little more is because of personal fetishes reasons (busty blonde + glasses). But yes, Ume is perfection. If you don't like her, you have shit taste.

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>Sense releasing the chapter on time
what a time to be alive
Also Fish really is a miracle of the universe
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>Sense released on time two weeks straight
N-nani? Is the world ending? Did competition finally set them straight?
Fish a best.
goddamn was about to read this but the quality is so trash

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>Seventeen year old Hajime Nagumo is your average, everyday otaku. However, his simple life of pulling all-nighters and sleeping in school is suddenly turned upside down when he, along with the rest of his class, is summoned to a fantasy world! Ridiculed and bullied by his classmates for being weak, he soon finds himself in despair. Will he be able to survive in this dangerous world of monsters and demons with only a glorified blacksmith’s level of strength?

I guarantee you whoever wrote this, the worst that ever happened to them in school was someone made fun of their hobby.
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People don't have to experience things for themselves to write about them.
The image alone looks chuuni as fuck.
Jesus Christ.
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Boss? Is that you?

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Jojo Great Festival.jpg
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Great Festival happening soon, 19th in Japan time

Alongside WonderFest & the Live Action DiU movie

Hopes? Dreams? Expectations?
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Araki reveals he's a vampire in front of a live audience and shouts WRYYYYYYYYY
the next day he is taken to mental institution and Part 8 is never finished
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Part 5 announcement.
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Deadman's Questions and the rest of TSRK OVA

But seriously, I wouldn't mind a part 5 anime and just hope i don't get hit by a garbage truck before it airs or the world ends.

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>You suddenly wake up at the beginning of Re:Zero episode 1 in Subaru's place
>No savepoints, but you do have all the translated novel chapters so far on your phone
Realistically speaking, what could you do?
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Leave, start a life as an adventurer
Delete that garbage from my phone.
Pick rem

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saber rain.gif
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Say something nice about this character
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She's white.
She likes black guys.

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What's their best anime?
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>inb4 Zzzzzzzzz meme
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What is the appeal of old hags left behind by their own generation?
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fellow outcasts
They're just like me, except prettier.
I like these thread where we insult women we want to fuck.

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