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Is she looking at a feminine penis?
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This show has some good parts but it gets on my nerves really easily.
>tfw Aqua will never look at you like this

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More like Gabriel Dropped
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Why yes mod thank you for deleting an entire thread instead of a few stupid posts, now we have two new threads and both of them have stupid OPs. Great fucking job dude.
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Don't reply to tripfags

Don't reply to people who reply to tripfags anyway.

Don't reply to this post.

Now, let's discuss why Gabriel is the best dropout.

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Right up where she belongs!
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Cutest nugget.
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Get out!

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Why did Darjeeling lose her compusure so horribly in that practice match?
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Because she wasn't expecting such strong resistance from a team that she considered amateur?
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Are you implying Darjeeling had difficulty during that match?

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Who is the best KEIKAKU DOORI character in anime?
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I think is a pretty good waifu and possibly best girl in the show
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Every waifu is a good waifu, otherwise she wouldn't be a waifu in the first place. Not that you'd know the first thing about a waifu.
Stop using waifu instead of girl, retard.

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1. Tsuneki will be included in every episode
2. Tooru's arc will end with Tsuneki
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>1. Tsuneki will be included in every episode
>best girl will be included in every episode

I'm more than fine with that.
>2. Tooru's arc will end with Tsuneki
What do you mean by this?
Tooru's arc is really boring, Tsuneki might be a slut but she was more interesting to look at

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>Already end of February 2017
>Still no news about the 2017 readaptation
Is it dead? Did we hope for naught?

LOGH Thread
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Why do you want a readaptation?
so i can shitpost about it of course

Mainly i just want better animations, since the story will be watered down to shit unless IG is planning a long-running adaptation, which is unlikely nowadays.
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logh sipping.jpg
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I hoped that there would not be a remake. Everything will be okay.

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And Karasuno has just taken their first win in the all-Japan tourney.
Win or lose, this is the third years' final tournament is it not?
I'm curious as to what Furudate is going to do with the thusfar barely seen, "ungrateful second-years." We know they're not completely terrible, from when Chikara subbed in for captain Sawamura, but will they ever actually become strong enough to fill the holes left by the third-years once the current year ends?
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I'll bet they fill each others' holes year-round.
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wtf? they were supposed to fuck! why is the strongest guy in the world wimping out?
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Love is the strongest power in the world of HNK.

Because in the world of HnK, men can't beat the love.

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This friendless little girl gets chopped up into pieces and left inside a box.

How does this make you feel?
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Like you're desperately trying to shock me.
She didn’t have any friends anyway. No one is going to miss her after a year.
You are just baiting for people to ask you for source and then you will promptly say that doing such is not allowed on /a/.

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china PEE.png
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Is this the best scene in any anime?
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>Not Akari getting bullied scenes
Why is S3 so bad? It looks good in screenshots but it's just so boring to watch compared to the Doga Kobo seasons.
The manga is better than both

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This is your goddess from today on.

Say something nice about her.
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Epic template thread.
Is it true that Filo/Firo is the only girl MC doesn't end up banging?

If so, shit taste. She's a qt.
>fucking your daughterfu

Usagi drop pls go

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Free-spirted, fun-loving space pirate with mommy issues who prefers to keep her sensitive side hidden. Masks her insecurity behind violent showboating and alcohol, often making her look psychotic and unhinged.
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op's mom a bitch
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Ryoko is perfect.
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Guess no more cuddling.

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Can we get a best girls in their respective series thread?
Starting off with an obvious one.
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Next time use the catalog.
That's not Izumi.

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