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watching this shit and fuuka made want to buy a e-guitar and start playing myself. I even decided on which I would buy. FUCK I´m in the hype of learning this and going to concerts. wtf is wrong with me? I´m willing to spend so much money for a shit I don´t even know a thing about.
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I was given a guitar by a cute girl who tried to save me from being a hikkineet Bang Dream is making me want to learn how to play it but I don't know anything about music or how to play it I have no idea how to get started
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>mfw this is where teens and newfags like OP get their inspiration from
Remember when people wanted to learn guitar because they watched K-on? Feels like yesterday
wow lucky you or should I say ' die normie!!!'
yeah same I don´t know where to start even If I got one

How do we fix this generic shit character?
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make her a chuuni
bigger tits
More screentime.

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itt: alpha MCs.
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He was a braver man than most.
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show is half way finished and about to die
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Wow! So you're a Friend who's good at math!
What is lwa
Little Whiny Anon alias OP.

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sousuke sagara.jpg
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This is Sousuke Sagara, a professionally trained child soldier. Say something nice about him.
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He knows how to use condoms.
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>Say something nice about him.
His genderswapped version is really hot.
He's so handsome I want to marry him.

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*slaps it out of her hands*
Stop with your stupid shit retarded

Started watching this yesterday. Why does this guy fight with one eye covered? It seems like it would be a disadvantage. Or are his eyes not equal in their ability to perceive? I thought the difference was only aesthetic, but I could be wrong.
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Do girls in Japan always change in front of each other?
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Why you assume it is only Japan? Every country is not like USA.
You are fully nude in hotsprings, so probably.
What a retarded question. I have no idea how to even respond to it.

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More pantyshots

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Mako Sileighty.jpg
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I finally got to see Initial D and I'm impressed.
I expected some meme show, but it was genuinely good.
The races were exciting, the characters fleshed out and the Jokes were funny.
But O didn't really understood some scenes with Mogi. E.g. when she talked with her father. It feld like it was building up to something but there was no payoff

also Mako is best girl
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>when she talked with her father.
Did you really miss the implication?
>her father
This is a troll thread right?

She was whoring herself out to a salaryman.
You're kidding?
Why should something like this happen in an anime about street racing?

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Why is Akagi so wide?
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>not hiding a 50inch plasma tv under your coat to make yourself look more intimidating
If the Akagi epilogue makes me feel half the thing the Ten epilogue made me feel, it'll be amazing.

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Rare and obscure pepe
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Man, Eva looked like hammered dogshit.
Dude! Weed!

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Teru's birthday. Let's do this.
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Hello? Is this thing on?
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Of course I mess up my images. Too many sweets and I haven't even gotten to the cake yet.
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Terunyan kawaii~

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>radiohead starts playing
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They supposedly didn't even have permission to use that song.
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saaaaave me
Where's her nose?

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Does your favorite Mangaka follow this rule?
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It's pretty easy to brag about that when there's very little race overlap.
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off course
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Her art is simply godly. So much thought for each and every aspect of the manga, even for small details.

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