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This kills the Hanafag.
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Fucking faggots...
^ Wow, are you alright? Maybe go see a doctor?

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This fucking last chapter. How did /a/ react?
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We didn't get it 'til some really shitty scans of the Yen Press release came out, years after the japanese release.

So... apathetically?
is this sundome or the other one by the same author? i can't tell but i recognize that girl.

And for sundome i liked it it was bittersweet i really liked. i wish she had lived. if it was the other one i couldn't go past halfway. i emphasized too much with the mc and didnt want to cry when shit got real. I also really despise the bad guy in this. I hate that personality so much that no matter how good a manga is ill drop it just so i dont have to deal with it.
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Is this the manga where he fucks the corpse?

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spiny reuploading all the old chapters and with that new anime coming out its a good time to re read

was the spec vs hanayama the best fight in the whole story? spec always seemed like the strongest criminal
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>was the spec vs hanayama the best fight in the whole story?
No, but it was the best convict fight.

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>dat autistic face
Oh no wonder.
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yun yun boob slap fast.gif
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Fuck off Yun Yun

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The battle of the fanboys
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*blocks your path*
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Boku dake.jpg
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Late but still very cute.

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Leave the jobber role to me.
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Cell isn't that bad.
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will he job?

Really Want to see the rise of squealer and the speeches / politics he played to become leader
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+ coming to the realization of he is a human & just like the gods

>b..but it sucked ass and animated at 5 fps per second on PURPOSE! Muh parody!

Nah.. It sucked ass for the same reason ttgl sucked ass. It tried wayyyy too hard to be deep, meaningful, symbolic, and epic.. And all it did was detract from itself and disconnect the audience with just how stupid it all got. In ttgl it was "lol just believe!" And viola, you're throwing ducking galaxies at each other to fight.
In klk its "bitch tits is bitch tits! No one else!" And all the sudden they're in space and shit fighting over who has the least amount of clothes on. Into the trash it goes.
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why are you making up things to argue about?
/v/ is that way

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fujimi gay lovers.png
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You have 5 seconds to explain how this isn't a masterpiece and why it deserved to be canceled.

Also Fujimi Lovers thread if anyone would like.
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If it actually had time to flesh itself out, I really believe that this would have been a modern masterpiece. I still love it as it is though
Oh, so it was axed, makes sense.
I thought he was just trippin balls on this one.

Important question: was it canceled before or after >>>/y/
Too painful. Puts people off on just how much his time and energy went to waste.

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Precure > Doremi

Doremi was still really fun.

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white washing.jpg
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Left and middle side : Asian girls
Right side : Russian girl

What the fuck is going on?
Japan wants to be whitened? No way.
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While it's still on page 1, (You).
Well, it is the superior race. I frequently find myself wishing I was white
She's actually only a quarter russian.

What am I watching? Youjo Senki looks like Nazi Madoka / Magical Girls meets gritty Band of Brothers.

Is this anime any good?
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Heil Fuhrer
Gay gender bender shit.
Watched up to episode 6.
Fun to watch. The VA is great, Tanya is awesome if overpowered.
Her hating on god is simply the greatest.

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Oh shit

who the fuck translated this chapter
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I laughed hard at this translation

I wish he would do more
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As long as we still get live translations I don't care but man did I hate it.

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The best.jpg
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Why do people say this was a bad ending?
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Only idiots say hat

only stupid can say that
Some people are stupid. Nishino is best girl, and she deserved Junpei the most

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Is it worth watching the hundreds of Gintama episodes that exist?
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no watch Detective Conan instead
It is. But then stop at Enchousen, because after that it objectively becomes shit. Like Dragonball Super early episodes kind of shit.

Also watch the movies.

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