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Espionage trap anime when?
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Isn't that just Shounen Oujo?

>dragon ball super has bad anim-
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It does have bad animation, thanks for confirming it.
In general it has bad art and animations, with very infrequent occasional sakuga and good quality art.
Wow, the animation in that PNG file you've got there is atounding, OP!

Meanwhile, on Precure, the superior Toei franchise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4J9bu4H9AY

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Oneechan or imouto, /a/?
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But both of them are the older sister.
I'd very much enjoy giving Fujine the dick.
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Imouto is best.

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mai dick.png
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Is Mai a well written character?
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she's a well-drawn character
I would stick my nose in her sweaty butthole, yes
Is that a mole by her cunny?

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Post charts of any kind of /a/ related charts
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recommended anime.jpg
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Nice bait.

A bit obvious having worst girl as number one on the list though.

Who that would be?

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Who wins the battle of smuggest general?
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Ouki, you can't get more smug than being based on a person with only a single line in history, describing you as a jobber who died in battle yet turned into one of the series most important characters.
Raoh wasn't smug at all just ambitious
Raoh is not smug.
Ouki was based as fuck though.

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Say this series ever gets adapted again, how would Dissociation/Surprise even get adapted? Because of the alpha/beta split a standard TV season might not work, since how would it be split so it's understandable?

Would a movie/set of movies make more sense in this instance?
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>using spoiler tags for something everyone already knows about
one epsidoe is alpha the other is beta what's hard to get

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where can i download boku no pico
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pirate bay of course

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sleeping botan.jpg
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Shh, Botan is DEAD
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Why is Hibarigaoka Ruri so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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Anyone reading this?
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Food for thought.

I have no idea what it is, and google is not as good as it used to be on image searches, so I will just be monitoring this thread until somebody slips the title, say something like "XXX-sensei really fucked up at XXX ark", or simply complains how "name of a character" is shit.

The usual.

Carry on with your death thread, hope it gets some responses. For my own selfish reasons of course.
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What is her problem?

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New episode live now.

Leave the furries to me.
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This "previously" music seriously reminds me of Pokemon
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yiff in hell

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Hold onto your butts

Wonfes starting in one hour
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tfw no kitties.png
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Twitter tag?
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Holly SHIET!

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Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday!
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Ne ne junon boy, can I suck your dick after I finish this bowl?
Why was the prequel so awful?
It wasn't though.

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Second thread,

thoughts on this live action casting for a western epic of Berserk: The Golden Age movie?
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I was going to suggest Nic Cage as rapehorse but SJP is pretty good.
>guts impossible to cast
Just get Bruce Campbell and touch him up a bit. Hell, by the end of the series they'll hardly need to change him at all
Shouldn't Guts be played by a brother duo? Younger brother plays Guts during his initiation into the band and the older plays as Guts closer to the defeat of Tudor.

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> draw a girl
> call it a boy

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[confused shota noises]
Looks like a boy to me.
What are the chances of the police officer fucking him?

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