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Would any of you gentlemengirls know if thereperhaps is a male ersion of this? I'd like to check answers with a friend but she will hardly find this list useful as a girl. :3
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What you want seems to just be a shoujo love interest cyoa. Maledom is generally considered to be the standard, gentle maledom less so. Probably genderflip this and change the language and images a bit.


>blue eyes
>blond hair
you must be joking right?
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but he's short. hitler doesn't like him.
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holocaust victims.jpg
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Blond hair is normal for foreign characters.


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Homosexuality isn't right.
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Post some so we can see how degenerate it is
No. It's necessary.
Kissing your friends isn't gay tho

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Why is this show so fucked up? This show harms anti social NEETS into thinking that love and relationships aren't real.

Although the more I watch, the more I start thinking about how we've all "settled" for another person and "got over" our previous crushes.
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Don't you get tired of such lazy baiting?

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Post confession.
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I'm a 27 year old kissless virgin
I only masturbate anally.

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Harem manga is the pinnacle of fiction.

Prove me wrong
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Harem LN is supreme.

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When is the next OVA?
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Should be pretty soon, the next week or two I think. I prefer the manga but it's a good watch.
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You have to admit it does a good job capturing how pretty the scenery and magic is.

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This is your date for tonight.
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If I blow my brains out, would he bring me back as a zombie purely out of spite/dickishness or just shrug his shoulders and go find a model to eat?
DIO-sama would make deep love to you anon.
But I'm not Jonathan.

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>it's an okinawa episode
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>It's a hot springs episode
Don't you like Okinawa frogposter?
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>it's a test of courage episode

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Is the Fifth Stage and beyond worth watching?

I just finished watching the Fourth Stage and thought it was a pretty good ending that left some room for imagination for the viewer with Project D's future.
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I thought Fifth and Final were better than Fourth, so yeah, go ahead.
I've been watching an episode of fourth stage once every couple of days but it's a fucking slog. The only thing keeping me going is knowing how good the races look in fifth and final stage.

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Wait a second, light DID become the god of a new world. He was sucessful in his goals.
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Not really. His main objective was to LIVE as god, not die as one.

That feeling of pure joy when you finish season 1 not thinking there was another but there is and the sadness fades away
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that feeling of pure joy when OP kills himself
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You wish bubsy
I wonder how it would be if second seasons never happened. History itself could end up drastically altered.

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When do I get back to the grimdark stuff like movie 1 and 2?

This buddy cop comedy flick is boring me the fuck out.
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>When do I get back to the grimdark stuff like movie 1 and 2?
What grimdark
that pic feels like it deserves something similar in anime
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a funny image.jpg
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Will next season be better?!?
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Next season is always better, cause is when BDs are released. Only few times is worth to watch the TV version of a ecchi show.
And sometime even the BD version is worthless.
See >>>>/Dragonmaid/
Naruto > One Piece

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Has anyone managed to read the manga in full? I read the first few chapters and I didn't like it much, but I'm still curious to read the rest due to OS being my favorite anime of all time, shame it was never published in English.
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Ask /m/. There was someone posting over there with chapters further than the first 4 that are easy to find.
I had a hard time reading it with all the honorifics. Just didn't fit the space western themes.
But someone over there should know about the project, if it's still on-going or if it finished.
What happen to the Author?
Cheers, I hope that kind anon is still around there.

Nothing as far as I know. But the series unfortunately never took off in its homeland, and after the plans for the sequel fell through the franchise pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth.

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