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>tfw no hanabi to do lewd things with
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get aids
why cant hanabi be real?

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I love Nenechi and when I grow up I'm gonna marry her!
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nene a shit
Suck my COCK, Aoba.
said no one ever

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Aqua bullying is NOT okay
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I want to make her drink the pee of a hundred men.
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She'll just purify the pee into water
A damegami would think about it that way. You're still a toilet drinking pee slutface.

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When do you think Koe no Katachi will be released? i have a sudden urge to watch it in my loneliness
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>short, pudgy character thrown in for comic relief
Pretty sick of this trope, desu.
Just like real life
I hated how the manga kept shitting on him for no reason.
But pretty much everything after the first volume was an abortion that I want to forget really.

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Is she a slut?
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get a life
don't bully my friend wew
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Cutest owl.

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shit show for autistic retards
So it's a show for Aqua?
Hai hai Kazuma desu

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Bakuzan beats Gouketsu.
book it.
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I predict that Suiryu actually has two more hidden bands on his legs that will will shatter or have shattered with his impact on the ground. With the loss of these limiters, he will get up and defeat Gouketsu handily, earning him a place to take a part in the MA fight!
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Suiryu losing? The guy who won against Saitama.
He's clearly just acting

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What was the main intent for this scene?
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To give my dick some blood

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Post em!

Junko is best girl
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/a/ sucks
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the crew.jpg
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I unironically think Magi is better than FMA. Not that FMA is bad, but that Magi just works better.
Should've been canon

>tfw no gf like aki
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She's also flat.
Is it even legal to have tits that obscene in public?
Why does the other girl want him so bad?!?!?!

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ITT: Small things you remember from anime that still haunt you for some reason.

For me, there's a scene in White Album where Rina rehearses with her band in the studio, and the live instrumentation sounds pretty sick. Then when they release the actual song it's just electronic instruments. why.jpg
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I hear this from time to time
Seiko's death from the Corpse Party OVA traumatizes me to this day. I can't delete the game from my phone because I think it'd feel like killing her again.
Requiem for a phantom, the scene where it shows what Cal and MC could have been if they actually found each other. Still makes me mad/sad

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can we all agree that this is absolutely the best anime ever created, and is quite possibly the pinnacle of human achievement.
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What sort of cocktail would you like tonight anon?
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A purple one
You OP.
I want your cock in my tail

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Would you get caught up in the mood?
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What kind of mood?
Did he fuck her?
Eventually they do. In this scene he brought her to a hot springs to try and get her opinion on it as a honeymoon spot. She thought he was referring to their OWN honeymoon, but he neglected to inform her that this was for Naruto's honeymoon. He wanted her to look around inside and check out a room, which prompted this line.

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Nobody talk this?
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Bell is moe.
Arisugawa is best girl.
Her VA is better off in that cult, she is awful.

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