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Fuck Nico.
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Can't this be a ryona thread instead?
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hi, I'm nico

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Pitch me your ideas for an anime.
I know you've thought about it.
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So you can steal it and make it big on my million dollar idea? I don't think so anon.
mother daughter incest SoL

please i need it
a youtuber who plays games and becomes famous. He is in highschool and has a harem too.

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I wish that I could turn back time.
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Is that a suit or a HS uniform Saikawa's wearing?
I want to feel Kanna's plump thighs
>I wish that I could turn back time.
Cause now the guilt is all miiine

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that one reference that always gets you
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Is that JoJo reference?
>that stepladder which goes to the windows

It's so retarded.
It's there so they can take pictures from the other side of the glass.

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Pic Related
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something bittersweet
A metaphorical vomit of disgust

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was this as big of a trainwreck as people said it was?
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it was legitimately well made
It's legitimately one of the best anime of the decade.
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Training Arc is over
New Swords and new enemies
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Have you worshiped Shinobu-sama today?
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Penis in vagina
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That wouldn't embarrass Hanabi, she's way too sexually experienced for that.
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I disagree. Although yeah, with her experience it SHOULDN'T embarrass her, but if it didn't, the purity nerds would stop watching.

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The Moe Robot Police is here, say something nice about Isla!!
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"you're going to die soon."

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That would be impossible without a lambda driver
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Lambda drivah was the worst element of the story.

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r8 my waifu /a/
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Sir are you aware that her ahoge is a question mark?
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She helped me realize I have a thing for girls with long ahegaos like Nyaruko and Tsumiki from AcchiKocchi
>girls with long ahegaos

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I haven't watched this yet but I just found out it skips Black Swordsman arc AND Lost children arc??? What the fuck, why did they skip whats easily the best arcs outside of the golden age??
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Because they must fullfill the propechy telling us that no good adaptations of berserk will ever be made.

The only good shit that came out of it is https://youtu.be/AjITvchkHFQ
>Clang S2 will be airing immediately before or after Bahamut S2 on the same channel

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>In the climax of the story, Asuka and Shinji are in Misato's kitchen
>On the table are two lone, empty mugs
>Mugs hold liquid, like an A.T. Field keeping the humans separate
>The two mugs are Shinji and Asuka, the only two who chose to live outside of the sea of instrumentality, represented by the full coffee pot
>It was them who flipped over the table and set everything in motion
>When it is over, the coffee is on the floor, with two broken mugs beside it
>Just like the two broken children at the end, on the shores of the red sea
>this is reinforced by the parallel strangling in both scenes

I think they'll repair their mugs.
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wew lad
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>Shinji taught Asuka to make tea
Rei*, he taught Rei

Has anyone read the official release of Yotsuba? How does it compare to the fan scanlations? Looking to re-read.
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Just read it in Japanese.
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Just read it in Japanese.

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