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Is Hanabi beyond saving?
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Thread no.6, is this board beyond saving?
Mods, do your damn job.

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Why is she called The Kong?
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Shoo Sachikp, no one wants you here

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Clearly best girl while everyone else is busy trying to outslut eah other.
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Yeah, she doesn't have to move an inch to be a massive slut
Stop making threads. We have more than 1 already.
This girl is cute. Should I watch the show for her?

Shinji is sad. Try to cheer him up.
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It's not your fault this time.
Get up little prince. I'll help you wash the dishes.

>Meebo is gay
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Finally a Tales thread.

I'm playing Berseria and enjoying it a lot, do I have to play Zestiria though? I tried back in the times and wasn't that motivated to finish but apparently it's the sequel for Berseria
>Sorey, Meebo, Alisha and Rose are all gay
>Windbros are straight
>Edna is oniichan-sexual
You don't have to play through Zestiria, but it's sort of a mixed bag thing.

I think Zestiria is honestly one of the worst Tales games and the first one I had no motivation to finish, but I'm really glad I did play through it before playing through Berseria, there are some moments in the game that feel way better if you have context from Zestiria and I think the ending isn't has less impact if you haven't played Zestiria.

Then there's stuff like Zaveid and Eizen which I just think are a lot better knowing the events of Zestiria. But at the same time, it's not necessary and if you wanted you could even play Zestiria after probably get a similar effect linking stuff together and that.

Dumb anime character/plot tropes that you love.

I'll start. Fangs.
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Fangs aren't a character trope, you stupid motherfucker. Just delete the whole thread. Jesus.
Then why is it listed in tvtropes?
Because many of the people that contribute to that site are just as retarded as the OP. Fangs don't speak to a character's personality or motivations within a story, so they're not a goddamn character trope, and never were.

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They're not using the shitty artwork and character redesigns from the manga?? Did they get that much hate for the Manga artwork?
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They're just maintaining the brand image, it has nothing to do with anyone's opinion on the manga's art.
This is 4th Hokage Minato.....Wow.

This show is based on the monthly manga right? The one thats just retelling Boruto the movie
Either way, Im happy they're using the old art work. Seruoously the new is so shit


This is ufotable Rin
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This is DEEN Rin
Which is better Rin?
Doesn't matter. She still has the same shit personality.

New trailer for Studio Ponoc's Mary and the Witch's Flower

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I want to fuck Mary.
Miyazaki has confirmed he is producing a whole new feature film now.

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Why would anyone like this literal doormat?
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don't mention her and she'll slowly fade from existence.
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Because she was literally made to be the viewer's wife. Her whole personality revolves around the MC and how much she loves him. Blatant waifu-bait. Cute though.
Ugly potato with monkey face.

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How true is this?
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I'm a loli so I wouldn't know
Big breats are inconvenient and hurt the back.
not that I would know, I am only 9 after all.
It's true.

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I'm so glad these girls aren't actually lolis as I'm not a lolicon and I'm attracted to them.
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Does that mean you're gay?
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>draw a a cute girl with a female body
>call it an old man
Why are they making such stupid faces?

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I want to assault Shinka
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this is the 3rd thread I've seen today about wanting to do something to Shinka. I don't blame you, anons. She is a perfect specimen.

Funny that I just happened to start watching this show earlier this week for the first time. Man, I've been missing out. KyoAni keeps hitting all the right notes for me, lately.
Avoid season 2
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All the ways you wish you could be, that's Shinka.

She looks like you wanna look, fucks like you wanna fuck.

She is smart, capable, and most importantly, she is free in all the ways that you are not.

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Just approach her, bro!
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but I....can't.....look......anywhere else......

It's too awkward, man!
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Luna run.webm
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But there is no one to approach.

Writing on anime should be firmly kept to formal criticism. What makes the medium worthwhile is its manipulation of drawings in motion to deliver a unique experience that no other medium is capable of. Japanese animation in particular is distinct with its frame modulation in comparison to Western animation. Any medium can have rich character development and deliver discreet social commentary in which case those mediums tend to excel in more so than anime but none of them exhibit the unique joys in which one can attain from witnessing an Ohira Shinya cut. There is no comparison you can make to film or literature.

Many anime fans also seem to naively divide anime into 4 categories of "story, characters, visuals and sound" which is just absurd. The majority of narrative criticism is just glorified plot summaries with the author inserting a personal philosophy he/she's been interested in at the time. Worse of all are those who can only talk about plot holes as they have absolutely nothing insightful to say about the work in question.

Arguing that animation or film is inherently a narrative medium is insanely reductive and needs to die. Dismissing the production aspect of the work as "pretty colours", claiming to watch anime for the "story/writing", people like this should just not be taken seriously as they are 99% of the time completely ignorant on not just anime but art as a whole.
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Nails the point on the head. If an anime has garbage visuals or visual directing, it is not a good anime.

But you're expecting some level of comprehension and critical thinking out of the anime community which just isn't going to happen.
I'm impressed that this apparently isn't pasta, but I still didn't read all of it.
Writing on anime should be firmly kept in the trash.

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