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>Sure, just give me an entire episode to explain the rules again
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why do card games anime characters need the stupid hair?
>Vanguard thread in /a/
Meanwhile Am and Luna after timeskip hot as fuck
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A thread for the fallen.

Would you do it?
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I wouldn't apologise or admit to it.
Nope. I don't have the balls
When he admitted it in front of everyone I actually started crying

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Is he stronger than EMIYA?
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He looks like pucci.
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Is emiya stronger than emiya?

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Why doesn't she have a boyfriend yet?
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She can make more money compensating dating if she's single.
She hasn't met me.
Her girlfriend forbids it.

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I'm going to dump this cute Doujin and you will like it.
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>SAO will return
Is /a/ ready for season 3 of SAO:Isekai edition?
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>Alicization was written already before start of isekai trend
Truly the most progressive franchise.
SAO started it when the anime released.
Not really.
It was written when the trend was first catching on among WN writers but before the anime boom.

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Post some ideas to help Vignette do bad deeds
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She can start with fornification it's a sin
Leave the lights on when she leaves her apartment.
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Why would my angel do bad things?

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I still think about that show.
It was really well done.
now i'm cooking for u

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good anime
>Good visual
>Good story
Great anime. One of my all time favorites.
Wish something similar would get made someday.

How does a high school student even have the strength to do this shit in that limited amount of time? Is this another one of those Gigalomaniac powers?
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The anime cut the scene, it took some time for Takuru to find him.
How did you guys feel about this episode?
I thought it was well done.

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ITT: Best girls stuck in terrible shows
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Gab is best.
>Gabriel Dropout
That's wrong.
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>Gabriel Dropout


I'll tell you now anon, it's going to be AotS so you better come to terms with that.

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If Frieza never trained how did he know how to fight and use ki techniques?
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Because some fighters, like Frieza, are born gifted. That's why he always brags about his natural talent. Because he's a powerlevel freak who's natural, inherent abilities surpass the majority of the fighters in the universe during that point in the series when he was the prominent antagonist.
Yeah but he still would have had to train to use abilities and fly and stuff.

Training to master hidden or natural abilities/talents is different than training to increase your power level. I'd imagine with the former, he'd discover how to do it naturally with progression like a toddler eventually learning how to walk on their own two feet. Since Frieza has such a naturally high power level, gathering ki would be child's play to him.

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1. Rikyako had a panic attack, Anchan and Ainya comforted her.
Next Step! Project Theme song CDs Unit CD Duo and Trio CDs 2nd Live Happy Party Train for JP
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I blame Lucia for this.

Happy Party Train Tour- Using BD 5-7 tickets.
What do you want to see in Season 2 of Love Live! Sunshine?
No original love live references letting this series at least try to stand on its own merits without having to remind you this is a derivative product.

I'm halfway through the (first) series.
Are the mysteries just going to keep getting compounding, or is this shit going to be explained?
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Are you new to anime and 4chan?
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unfortunately not

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>someone with a 4 year old daughter was paid to make this to feed his family
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He does it because he's passionate about his craft
He lives in japan and got a degree in something like animation, what the fuck did he expect was going to happen? It's like living in america and getting a degree in art and then complaining your manager at mcdonald's is mean to you.
doing gods work.

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