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Post shows that you know are completely mediocre/terrible, but you honestly really like or enjoy anyways.
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>really like or enjoy anyways
Raunchy comedies are bottom of the barrel, regardless of how entertaining they are.
The final episode ruined absolutely everything. MC is worse than Mahiro.

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>Comedy, School, Slice of Life
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Picked the fuck up.
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Show of the season.
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>Comedy, School, Slice of Life

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Welcome, sit down. Have a drink. You're going to be playing a game with your lives on the line.
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>You're going to be playing a game with your lives on the line.
M-maybe I shouldn't drink then.
This is not how you get a thread about a show to start. 0/5 don't make threads like this or any threads at all for that matter again.

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Can we talk about why Doga Kobo is the best studio?
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Gabriel Dropout is painfully mediocre. Their last truly good show was Nozaki-kun.
>studio fanboyism

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Are thoses clothes wackies?
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That Tshirt is definitely ugly.
How long does the NTR arc last

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Why does this series try and paint some sort of moral equivalence between the Gods and the demons?
Demons are evil beings that get even more powerful when they act especially evil that attack other races and consume their souls without a care in the world.
The head archangel is right, exterminate these evil fuckers and the world would be better off.
It's pretty weird how anime and manga keep showing "good" demons, do the Japanese just not understand that the whole point of demons is that they're evil?
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Except the demons in NnT aren't good barring Mel
That's my point, the demons clearly aren't good but the narrative is treating the angels as bad for trying to exterminate them and saying that there is "no good and evil in war". Plus the whole thing about the Giant and Fairy king being "good guys" that joined the demons.
That's Elizabeth's schtick.

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I prefer her JC partner in crime.

Will I enjoy Love Live if I liked K-On? I hear a lot of mixed things about the main cast.
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I haven't seen it but Maki is the best girl.
I loved both. Watched K-On first and eventually made my way to Love Live.
Probably. Depends what you liked about K-On.

I didn't like K-On but liked Love Live

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Reminder that it's canon
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All the girls sucked in this.
Reminder that PW is complete shit.
Not in the show it wasnt

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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She hates it
I like it though
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He hates it

I'm a few weeks late, I know, but in what universe does a child's backpack cost $336?
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Most of Japan lives in a big city. Living in big cities is always very expensive.
the cartoon universe. cartoons for children
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God fuck not this thread again. If this isn't shitty bait, go look in the archives or something.

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Oh shit niggas, it's a Space Brothers thread.

Dumping latest chapter.
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Name four (4) reasons why she's so best.
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What's with the WA2 threads recently?

not that I'm complaining
I can name four why she's not.

She is not lifting.
Anus, Vagina, Throat, Ear

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>critically acclaimed
>anime announced
>nominated for one of the most prestigious manga awards in Japan
>scans are 6 volumes behind
Why does the American fandom hate shoujo so much?
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Because American fandom is garbage, just like America itself.
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Anon, you say that like the Japanese fanbase pays any attention to fantasy shoujo. As far as I know, this is the first Mystery Bonita manga to get an anime ever. This kind of thing isn't mainstream.

>>nominated for one of the most prestigious manga awards in Japan
Huh, didn't see that the Tezuka nominees had been announced. Good to see it getting more love.

Anyway, since this is the first thread since the anime announcement (which got like 10 replies anyway), let's not let it die. Any hopes/fears for it? Dream staff? I'll get some jokes about endings for this, but I'd love for it to go to Bones and for them to throw some of their ex-Ghibli at it, with Yoshida and Miyaji and the assorted good art staff those guys like to work with. That's probably the most surefire way to do the art and world/setting justice, which I think needs to be a priority for this.
Looks like the art going to be butchered in the anime, no surprise there.Any group releasing the series in English?

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ITT: Post an anime without actually posting it and have another anon guess which one it is.
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boku no pico
>Real BLACKED Swordsman
Pls ,anon. Le real GOTZ germanian was a badass no faggot.
I count one too many eyes.

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