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I am very much looking forward

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Seems you're the only one by the looks of the thread. It's a shame, it was a nice show.
Don't worry. I am looking forward for it too.
This time I'll get to watch it with /a/.

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What would be like if script writer were American?
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>10,000 hours in paint
It'd be jam-packed full of SJW horseshit virtue signalling.
It would essentially be a group of strong women defeating petty villains and proving women to be a dominant force. They would all be made to look ugly and Vigne would be black. They would also have that feminist smirk and facial expression (you know the one I'm talking about). Satania would be overweight if not obese to give a more inclusive feel and would be a walking Tumblr.

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Can we get more Yui episodes now please? I want to go back to my wife.
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That's a nice pic of my wife. Thanks anon.
Surely you mean my wife, anon.
After all, she was looking at me with those eyes, not at you.
Hey now, as a fellow tree spirits who posses a same human body we can always share and love her equally together.

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>Hajime no Ippo, Slam Dunk, _________.

What's the third one, /a/?
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Ushijima!! Ushijima!!.webm
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Haikyuu or Ping Pong
Captain Tsubasa.
Initial D.

>in charge of destroying crappy planets so better ones can replace them
>destroys those that can't cook instead

It's all Beerus fault
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The 4 univeres aren't going to be excluded. When Doggo says if he wins no universes should get nuked, Goku is going to say if he wins, every universe should have to fight and it's no fun if he can't see all the strong guys
I like how Whis let all of this happen purely because he doesn't give a shit.

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So, why do you like this smug piece of shit? She was obviously meant to be hated and yet she's the best.

Erika appreciation thread? Erika appreciation thread.
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Posting best Seacat.
It's cute how hard she tries to be successful, to please Bern. I love how obsessed she is over winning and how far she's willing to go to prove her points.

People dislike Erika because she's made out to be the villain. Sure, she's Battler's opponent and I can see the reasons people hate her, but in the end, she's just a cute detective doing her job while enjoying it.
self insert

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Why does /a/ still say all the talented Gainax staff went to TRIGGER when they actually went to Khara?
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Because most of khara also works for trigger, since khara is doing nothing most of the time?
They didn't "all" go anywhere. Some of them went to Gonzo, some went to Khara, some went to Trigger, some filtered off to random places like with any other studio, and some are still there.
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Only Triggerniggers say that in an attempt to make their studio more relevant and also leech off of late 90s / early 00s Gainax success, I often see Triggerfags argue that Gainax projects that didn't have Anno involved belong to Trigger.

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How do you personally achieve maximum comfy when it comes to a lazy afternoon of anime watching?
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Rate my battlestation, /g/
tuck away cords that aren't in use bro

wouldn't want to have an accident

otherwise looks fine
Your floor grosses me out, how can you lie so close to that?

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People unironically watch the worst show of the season?

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What's the point of putting the GoDs of U1, U12, U5 and U8 in the OP like this if their universes are not going to participate?
You can bet your ass Zeno is gonna change his mind and have every universe compete regardless of rating
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How can U7 be the second-weakest when it's already clearly established that they beat U6? Did Toei make a mistake?
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They will still watch the tournament at the very least.
It's the average of whole universes, not the roster.

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>beta MC's one sole power is the ability to always win against females
Why isn't this a thing yet?
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That is literally Touma though.
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(With exceptions.)
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>he needs a special power to win against females

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Is Ursula-sensei a good role-model?
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sucy chips.jpg
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Friendly reminder that bullying Akko gets you Fuckko'd
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they seem to be getting away with it alright
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I want to do sexual things to this sensei

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>post yfw this was leaked 3 years ago

Season 3 announcement in a few days
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This is my thread
god reading that thread was fun
Othinus a shit

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To Sunday/Monday posters and live watchers, welcome.

Take note that there have been false flaggers and shitposters in these threads for a while now, which is kinda ridiculous. Remember to report and ignore these posters. Cool? Cool. Now let's wait for the best girl's episode.
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I know, OP. I can't wait for Diana's episode.
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What are your hopes for Episode 8?

What do you think Sucy's Mind will be like?

What do you think Trigger will reveal about her past?
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I'm hoping for some Sucy mom backstory and cute Sucy moments.

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4chan is not 4chan without a Rin thread
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The perfect design
Enjou kosaish design
I love rin

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