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Do you collect manga /a/?
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How does he get to the manga behind the glass case? that looks very inconvenient
No, but I buy a few volumes of stuff that I really like. Shit's expensive, man.

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was she gay?
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Pretty much.
This show was the tits.

I'm sorry
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She just wanted her tits back

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ITT: We bitch until someone subs the Galko-chan OVA


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More like, ITT: we jack off till our dicks fall off.
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dont open
You think she'd be any more likely to date you if she was racist? She's actually more likely to date you if she's willing to date other americans.

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Name a more bland protagonist.

Protip: You can't
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Most protagonists from light novel harem series.
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Reminder that if your universe doesn't have a mortal quality over a 7 then it deserves to be erased.
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Why the fuck is Universe 7 considered the "weakest" when some rando God killed EVERY OTHER UNIVERSE'S GODS and destroyed their universes BY HIMSELF except for Universe 7?
It probably refers to the quality of mortals rather than their powerlevel.
What in the fuck does mortal quality even mean?

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Are there any anime that are legit better than the manga? i believe hunter x hunter, yu yu hakusho, saint seiya, and I hear fist of the north star are
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Fight me.
Jojo part 1 and 2
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Yes, there are quite a number. Lurk for two years before posting.

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>new years mogra 2 years ago
>everyone went batshit when that song came up
I can always show my everything to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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This anime is hilarious
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If by hilarious you mean heartbreaking and all too real...
Just wait for the cucking episode.
Fuck off.

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What went wrong?
> Ironically is a powerful magician.
> Pulls whatever convenient spell out of his ass and wins.
> Gets harem.
Manga art is somewhat ok. But the story goes downhill. Why?
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I gets sleepy whenever he explains muh nippon magic superiority

Call me back when he finally bangs the redhead
Mc is shitty pretty boy spewing nonsense, even re:monster is better.
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Derp Ninja.jpg
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Oh no, Re:Monster is the worst of them all.
> I ate a rock
> It was a good rock
> I gain powers through eating any weird shit
> Today, I had sex with a dryad
> Later, the harem got angry
> Soon, I did an orgy with all of them with alot of play
> I made an aphrodisiac and made the elves consume them and I ended up fucking a few in the process.
Even the narrative is the same.

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Chapter 8 raws of Gurren Lagann: Magical Girl Edition.
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Monkey and Pig are not happy about trying to 2v1 Dog and losing instantly against her.
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What am I in for?
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Awful shit with unlikable characters. The very lowest point of neo-KyoAni.
If you're a light weight FAGGOT like me, feels.
You get so see why /a/ shits itself over Shinka.

What should I expect?
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it was good, but i may be biased since it was my first anime
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What...the fuck...IS this show?
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The greatest anime of all time.
Basically this...but gayer.
Nah, it's just for weebs.

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Fuck you if you don't like Chinatsu
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Don't worry, Akari is worst.
well fuck you too then
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chinatsu best girl.jpg
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Seems like a good place to post this

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Marry one, fuck one, kill one
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Marry Faf
Fuck Lucoa
Kill Kanna
Kill Faf, he's a danger to society
Fuck Lucoa
Marry Kanna
Fuck your rules. I marry and fuck them all.
Especially Fafnir.

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