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Time for vampire intelligence
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> filename

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Mangastream out.

Sandnigger is kill.

Are we finally back to business? S2 finale should cover Garou/WDM and probably something with that Orochi guy, MA retreating.

We're THIS close to the MA raid, I can't fucking believe it.
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>We're THIS close to the MA raid,

We won't even be back to the webcomic parts before easily one volume and a half though. Then there is the whole Orochi thing but this might as well be into the MA raid part. Or not.
Realistically it's going to take Murata at least a year to reach the raid part. You never know what other filler ONE's gonna add before it.
I will be really dissapointed if all these charachter were introduced just to be fodder. At least the choze fight could have been longer.

Can't fall off a broom if you never ride one.
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>ywn fuck a homeless and delirious Amanda
Why even live desu?
While wearing pink wolf fursuit!
So what kind of illness is "Sleeping Witch In the Forest"?

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Best bro soon
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So no best girl today?
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He's a great bro.
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My wife Shizuru is the cutest.

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Google R/a/dio to listen in

Requests are open. Due to the high volume, I will skip requests if they end up being a pain to find.

Reminder this is a planned monthly thread. We're not going to be spamming the board every week.
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/r/ one iii notes - shadow and truth

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It's out : https://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/fairy-tail/en/0/524/page/1
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So Cana "death" next week?
The power of family will win
Jellal when?

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Every JUMP series since 2010, with how long it ran.

2016 wasn't as bad as I thought. Look at 2014. That's a lot cancellations.
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>Nisekoi lasted 5 years

iShoujo is over already? I remember first chapter scans + translations here.

Also you missed Best Blue in 2015
I wish there was a group that scanlated these short cancelled series of jump

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>Mutsuki being assblasted by any girl who so much as talks to Kaneki
What can this bitch do against Roma?
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this is just getting better and better
Reminder Ishida hates the Tumblr fandom.
Denial is one hell of a drug

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The movie has now been out for 16 hours in Japan give or take (I don't know if they o midnight showings for this stuff). Where the Camrips at?

Also Overlord Thread
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So far it seems to be just the anime episodes strung together. and that's it. so it's clearly a disappointment.
its confirmed?
bummer, they could have done something real special with the lizardman arc

as it is mostly from the lizardfolks POV, it would have really fit as a movie

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Repent for your sins or you get the scythe.

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So Ophanimon Falldown vs Seraphimon confirmed?
BTW Meicoomon don't deserves so much hate, she is cute, cute.
What the fuck just happened?
Not as cute as Gotsumon

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>new thread on page 2
>nothing in the op
have fun with your deleted thread, generalfag

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Well this anime escalated pretty quickly.
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I'll kill you, you piece of shit.
shit get

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What's it gonna take for Subaru to stop being a fucking idiot and just admit Rem is his true love?!

Also, WN discussion. Is WN completely canonical?
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WN is the source material. Seems like it should be the most canon.
So is Re: Zero a book first? Then it became a manga, and then there was a anime adaptation? I'm confused about what the origin of the story is.

Also, sometimes the WN reads like fanfic. That's why I ask the question.
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By the way Remon is done.

The hidden village Oni sisters EX blessing day

Roswaal is surprisingly caring for Ram.

You can adapt one Western work of fiction into an anime. What do you pick?
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Book of the New Sun - oh, wait it was already made into an anime.
The Alien Gun

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I won't ever give in
No matter how hard you pull me in
I know gravity ain't an excuse
Just wanna make things a little more idle

The majority is still asleep
They're tired of those dreadful dreams
Now, let me shout and wake you up
Let me wake you up!
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The Stars movie is one of the gayest things I have ever seen.
That was so gay.
I saw the screenshots beforehand and I still wasnt prepared.

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