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I'll post what I have but we all need to come together and help post these faces

Also, where will they end the season on?
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more incoming

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God-tier protagonists thread
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What to do you think Gabu's stinky farts smell like?
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well she eats a lot of junk food so you could imagine that they're pretty rancid.
salty milk and coins

Find a flaw.
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Wears granny pants and not striped pantsu.
She's riding a broomstick instead of my dick.
She has a weird shaped head.

I want to make Mine mine.
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Wow, that's a funny joke.
How long did it take for you to come up with that one?
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Sorry but Mine is already mine not yours

About 3:50

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City Hunter.jpg
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Episodes 1-11 or so today.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST, 11:30pm UTC)

No profit is made from this, it's all just for fun.
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What's city hunter?
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>Ma si jolie femme
what did she mean by this?
also what does that broken french exactly mean?
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She means she wants to be a wife.
No it says she wants a good wife.
Doesn't it mean she wants a beautiful wife?

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> Protag is confessed to by a fatso
> He rejects her
> She attacks him and gives him stitches
> Causing him trauma and gynophobia
> Sexy school counselor finds out about his gynophobia
> Makes him join a girl only club to help him get over his phobia
> Funny shenanigans ensue
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Is it okay for a disgusting, smelly NEET to be this sexy?
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>Attends school

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Who's the best poke girl this season, and why is it Suiren?
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>tfw don't know shit about Pokemon after Gen IV
Should I just go into Black/White or jump to Moon/Sun?
moons its own thing and even explains most of what it carries over form the other stuff so go nuts
Black and White is good, BW2 is more of a game.

All games are their own shit though.

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Who's your favorite Matsu/Osomatsu-san character? Todomatsu is mine.
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>Mou ikkai~
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That's the wrong .gif, you git.
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Kocchi muitei~
someone post the gif

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What did /a/ think about this?

Reading the anidb thread for it literally gave me cancer. Here were some of the statements:

>Complaints about the Anthea's name and surname not being common enough in Sweden
>Complaints of the OVA being too generic and boring
>Complaints about the animation and the english/american voice acting (this one just kills me, it's too hilarious)

Literal quotes:

>[...] violent. [...] not entirely coherent. But plot holes you could drive a truck through are the hallmark [...]
>The story is too complex. The "near future" has to be reasonably connected to the now, and there are thousands of differences that need to be explained. Or at least plausibly explained.
>Add in animation that's pretty basic even by TV standards, not very interesting and absolutely trite characters, really awful plot (where do I even begin) [...] therefore deserves at least some explanation as to what is going on, add in all that, and as I said before, this just sucked.
>Animation is pretty mediocre and the american voices are borderline amateur.

Jesus fucking christ, /a/, jesus fucking christ. These fucking retards wouldn't recognize a fist even if it was repeatedly applied to their faces. Is this what I should expect from contemporary anime fans, or is the problem that the wast majority of anidb posters are clinically diagnosable retards?

I'm just completely baffled by this. I can't even fathom the levels of retardedness needed to apply any of the aforementioned greentext statements to this OVA. I guess the old saying that 'if you've only ever eaten shit you'll continue eating shit even if offered a steak' has some merit to it.

There was only one redeemable comment:
>As usual, however, people are too stupid to appreciate actual animation (+ things that make it possible, like simple character designs) and demand more static pieces of pretty artwork flying at each other with speedlines in the background.

Good OVA 7/10 would watch another episode.
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She's trying to kill herself because that's how bad her show is.
It's shit.
I literally can't even remember it other than I think it was about a loli assassin and even that I'm not convincing myself of. Trying to fit way too much story and plotpoints into 30 minutes. Very forgettable.

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The adventures of the lesbian pedophile continue.
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Mimika's mission, then: don't look directly at Yuzumori.

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Am I the only one who keeps confusing these shows for each other?
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I'm confused why the dragon with the wriggly piece of shit on her forehead is featured on all the art while still having yet to appear.
Next episode.
theyre both pretty bad, I cant see your reasoning

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