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What would you do if Asuka invites you to her place?
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Decline like the faggot beta MC I am
I feel a masturbation fantasy thread starting...oh yeah!
>implying you're anything more than a copy pasted background character

How does it feel that you only get one life and you will never experience young love?
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My biggest regret.
literally makes me want to kill myself, famalam
Young love is shallow and trash 99% of the time. Mature love is better.

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Reminder that Gohan will let everyone down again as a result of not having God ki.
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Does Geekdom101 browse here?
So is there a '/a/ sings limit break' video available yet?
Best dub everyone.

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What kind of show does Girlish Number think it is?

Awfully cocky of it to have "commentary" on its own industry. "This Industry is messed up" Shut the fuck up Girlish Number and keep going with the status quo, we just want pure girls without any of this commentary bullshit. We don't want to see seiyuu talking shit about fans behind their backs.
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Also the way they treated that VN author was terrible. Reminded me of hoes lying to a guy instead of turning him down.
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Speak for yourself, nerd. I liked Girlish Number because of dame ningen moe and tongue-in-cheek self-awareness.
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>What kind of show does Girlish Number think it is?
A kind of show that saved anime.

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What evil deeds have you committed in the name of Demon Lord Satanya this fine day, /a/?
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I didn't flush
Please go flush.
I jacked off with my sisters panties

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You feelin waku waku for the next episode?
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>not reviving planet Vegeta to bump your average
It's like they want to be obliterated.
Fucking Freeza killing everyone meanfull. Universe 07 average is shit
Why? Vegeta's strongest member, King Vegeta, only had a powerlevel of 10,000. That's not going to do shit.

Also I think this ranking is the same as Toriyama's ranking. So if Goku as a SSG has a ranking of 7 and Beerus has a ranking of 10 then that means that everyone on average has to be the equivalent of a SSG so be exempt. That is never going to happen.

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Rate episode 8 ano-

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sucy mom.jpg
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Shame we didn't get a glimpse or even a reference on Sucymom
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Say it with me


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It's not going to happen.
You people know it but refuse to accept it.
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No u!
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Do you wish for a new season?

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>those are Japan favorite anime of the season
Why do we say they have shit taste, again?
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because we'll never get S2 for Baccano!, S3 for Haruhi, proper adaptation for Soul Eater, etc.
Blame the studios.
Because there's only garbage in this.

So, what's /a/s opinion on Interviews With Monster Girls? I'm three episodes in, and I enjoy the sort of fun, simple slice-of-life it offers. Girls are maybe a bit too human and not 'demi' enough for my tastes, but it manages to pull itself off as a fun, relaxing thing to watch, and I've chuckled a couple of times. Tell me your opinions.
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Sensei (female) is too fucking cute.

I can't even find any motivation to watch the latest episode

Looks like they made this anime to sell TrySail CDs or something

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>This kills the gay

Thank you, based Julietta.
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Reminder that Gali's crew are the good guys
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>You are now aware the Julia has legs inside it's bigger legs
>Thank you, based Julietta.
Fuck you. The monkey, Gali, Rustal and the nigger all need to die.

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Why do so many anime and manga favor natural talent to hard work?
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Because the average weeaboo hates hard work and likes to think he's the "chosen one"
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The ability to work hard is a talent.

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dude furries lmao
Goku is a fucking psychopath.
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New Hi Score Girl chapter.
It has a cute ending, not sad like the last one. I promise.
Let me dump it on your faces
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Anyone know how I can get the online magazine raws for chapter 46 and 47 from big gangan?
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Nobody can name 1 legitimate reason for liking this trash show.
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You know an anime is AOTS when it has dedicated trolls.
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