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How was this approved for TV broadcast? Come on she's spreading her pussy lips for the MC while leaning up against the wall. this is beyond sexual innuendo, this is beyond fan service its like a promo for an actual hentai.
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Your mind is rotten that's a normal pose
I don't understand what you are trying to say, OP.

/a/ Is there anyone you have ever talked too who actually disliked Hunter x Hunter and watched at least up to the end of the York New City arc? I feel like there is something in there for everyone for moe do nothings and highschool romance.
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Yes. You do know people like different things, right?
Everyone I know that disliked it dropped it at heavens arena. Shame tbqh
>I feel like there is something in there for everyone for moe do nothings and highschool romance.
What? No, there isn't. There's nothing for space opera fags, /k/ fags, /tg/ fags, romancefags (high school or not), period drama fags, etc. What are you even saying?

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Who do you think are the greatest detectives in anime?

pic related
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That's easy.
Conan Edogawa
Kindaichi Hajime
Touma Sou (manga only)
You know who else came outta high school? LeBron James. Guess what happened to him?!

Lost the FUCKIN' NBA finals!

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ITT: Anime characters from this season that are quite honestly literally you in the truest sense.

Pic related is literally me.
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you're a massive whore and a mess then
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Literally me if I was a cute girl.

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Are there any anime with a hype level higher than Gurren Lagann?
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Here it is
Hurren Le Gun is artificial hype

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Do you think that Mary is in perverted stuff?
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What did she mean by this?
anyone else get the feeling mary has kind of overshadowed everyone else, or is that my bias?
Vagina in penis.

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If she dies, she'll go back home. So why doesn't she just do that? Dumb goddess.
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She wants the D more than that.
Have you ever considered that she can't die because she's a deity?
If she can't die, she has no reason to be afraid of anything. Which means she can walk up and kill the demon king herself.

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Will you cry when Gintama ends?
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this is animation.jpg
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I guess it will be a bitter sweet feeling, since I know it will end to this.
It's been a life changing experience for me, I'll definitely cry, probably more than I have in the past.
Yes. Watching the Shogun assassination arc right now and I just don't want to see it end.

I liked Druaga a lot but I also kind of hate it. Is that normal.
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Kaaya a shit


There's that but the show is just all over the place tone wise. You'll get a sweet episode about funny ass traps that turn everything all pixely or a bitching dragon slaying adventure but every so often it's just BAM! EDGE!
What's wrong with that?

And I thought Asuka was a bitch. I want to enjoy this show, but this cunt has to complain about everything.
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Nadia made me drop that shit within the first few episodes. The absolute fucking worst.
I did this too. But she must change as the story goes on, right? Because so much canon art has her looking whipped in the end. I need to finish it
Meant to post version with subtitles. For full Nadia effect.

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Kokoro pyon pyon~
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That's a nice picture of my wives.
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My cawfee Syaro is so gween tea
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I'm going to MARRY Sharo-chan!

Downloading Shirobako.
What should I expect?
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deadlines not getting met and fucking QUALITY
Ema dies
Shirobako hopefully

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Why are JS so great?
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They are cute by nature.
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They are cute by nature.
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They are cute by nature.

What do you think about the drinking alcohol girls?
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I'll drink to that.
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I prefer drinking fairies.
Cute girls eating one too many whiskey bonbons is gap moe, but I don't care for Misato-esque alcoholics.

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I never thought I would become a leg man, seeing this goddess has changed me.
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Those are long fucking legs
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Looks like the start of a long day
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